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  1. You are not alone. As a teen, I had H&B 2 and 3 woods. Loved that 2 wood. When I finally got a driver, I often overswung, and never hit it as well as the 2 wood. Swing whatever you can hit well.
  2. Sometimes it helps to remember that there's really no such thing as a backswing and a downswing, there's just a swing. I played hockey, and it never occurred to me to break down a slapshot into separate parts. You just hit the puck. Same with golf, just hit the ball. You can break things down and look at positions in practice, but when playing, it's best to think about nothing but the desired flight and the clubface hitting the ball.
  3. 1935 Auburn Boattail Speedster with golf club port.
  4. Good insoles make a world of difference.
  5. I'm and old guy with a knee replacement, so getting down low enough to accurately line up the line is more of a chore than I'm willing to put up with. Even when I try, I find it hard to be confident I've got it on line. Off the tee, I do like to put the number on the back of the ball as something to target at impact.
  6. I had a swing evaluation at a new location about 3 weeks ago. I was curious about their tech and what it might reveal about my swing as I get back into the game after a TKR. The tech is really impressive, but I've held off buying a package. The suggestions I was given were ok, but a bit on the cookie cutter side. I have a LiveView camera, which I've found really useful. I know what my swing should look, feel, and perform like, so at least for now, the visual feedback is more than enough. Once I get the obvious flaws worked out, if I still feel I'm leaving improvement on the table, maybe I'll consider a package, but I think Golf-Tec preaches stack and tilt and this is not for me. I'm not looking to change my swing, I'm just want to optimize what I have. If I feel the need, I can rent Trackman time at Golf Galaxy, and a range not too far way has Toptracer as well.
  7. It's like the drive you crush after hitting a ball OB. Free flowing, no thoughts, just hit it hard. Not sure I'd do this long term, as you might re-injure yourself, but you might want to film yourself and analyze any differences between an 80% swing and a 115% swing. I watched a Nick Faldo? video where he recommended taking a few free wheeling practice swings and then stepping up and hitting quickly before you can think about how you're swinging.
  8. Probably my old Tony Penna persimmon driver from the mid-eighties. I was a bit younger. BTW, if you've never hit a good persimmon driver, you should find one and check it out. They seem impossible to hit, but it's what you're used to.
  9. I had a iron fitting on 7/20. I tried lots of shafts and heads. For me, the Project X IO 5.5 was the clear winner. I was swinging the 7 irons at 85-90 mph. I just hit them better. You could fee the load but they still felt firm. I paired them with TaylorMade P7MB blades to replace my old '84 Hogan Apex PCs. The IO shafts had a similar feel to the Apex #4 Stiff shafts in my Hogans.
  10. Just for fun. I don't carry this club anymore, but I do play the 3-E. Waiting on a set of TaylorMade P7MBs I just ordered, which are comparatively shockingly forgiving.
  11. I went to an iron fitting at Haggin Oaks near Sacramento to replace my old '84 Hogan Apex PC irons. I'd hit the MP-20 MBs and was impressed. Hard to beat an Apex PC for feel. Today, I found the MP-20s pulled from the display and the fitter said they were no longer available. I ended up ordering TaylorMade P7MBs. Actually happy about this in the end.
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