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  1. Hi. The line spacing in my signature is much bigger than others I see. I would like to have them really tight, but can't figure out how How can I compress the signature?
  2. Niels_Denmark


    Close to Kokkedal Golfklub. Highly recommended park golf course located around Kokkedal Castle.
  3. Got mine yesterday - exactly 2 weeks after my fitting. Very acceptable time, they need to get built, shipped from Scotland outside EU, through customs and distributor to my local shop. They are beautiful. The matte shafts makes them look really cool. My only chance to play them so far was one hour in a Trackman center. Mixed results. It's a big change in swing feel and -weight. But when I caught them, they were definitely sweeeeet, and at least 10 meters longer than the old Apex '14. I'm sure this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship as we get to know each other better...
  4. Thanks - funny that we're apparently very alike in many aspects including the journey from Recoil to completely different shafts based on the shaft analyzer. So glad it is working out for you - also because that could be another indicator that it's the right direction for me I once had a Vokey wedge with a Steelfiber shaft and loved it until it was completely worn down (and then some)
  5. Hee hee - more or less equivalent to my experience yesterday - it appears that fitting really does make sense even if we all walk around and think we got our own specs and needs figured out...
  6. Good to see that something along those lines is actually playable. The thought to bend the existing GW was also the essence of the discussion. Otherwise I might just try to train for an 80% or grip down swing on te PW to have something in the gap. But again - need to see the 'damage' first.
  7. Thanks for the heads up @PMookie. I did discuss this with the Mizuno rep. He was the first to suggest my intended approach - to get the actual distances from actual play (here Arccos will be a great sanity check and stats keeper). Then I will have a better idea of how the short end of the bag potentially should change. Also, the GW is 48 degrees compared to my 50 degree GW, so in any case that would not be ideal... (I think the GW is only in Hot Metal not HMP, but that's not really important here). I see you have the same wedge-setup as I do (50/54/58), so you must have the same challenge. Will you be bending your 50 deg. and GW in each direction to make them better spaced, or what are your thoughts...?
  8. I went to a Mizuno fitting Today. It was a very good experience I am currently playing Callaway Apex Forged 14 (the original) with Recoil 660 F3 (R) graphite shafts. My take has been, that they are generally going too short and are also relatively unforgiving. My Arccos stats confirms this on length, strokes gained (-3,6) and suggested area to improve (Approach/100-150m). 7i speed around 80mph. . Entered the fitting session stating my objectives (longer - not wild, just normal length) and good numbers on spin and descent angles, I said, that I was thinking graphite shafts again, but open to anything he would suggest regarding heads and shafts I started with some inital shots with my own 7i, then the swing DNA iron. It actually felt quite good, and I struck some decent shots even with that contraption - it actually carried 15 meters up from my Apex's! He then said: "Well - we'll get you your distance for sure, but I'm also quite sure I will place you in steel shafts". It was based not least on a quick tempo that could be seen from the analyzer, and what he saw with his own eyes... And so I got HMP in a few steel shafts. Weight between 100 and 120 g, a very significant change from my 70g Recoils. But it felt good, and was helping me with more consistent ball striking, and I could also better feel the club underway, and it felt just a bit less rushed and more controlled without me changing anything in the swing intent. I ended up with the: Hot Metal Pro 5-P - KBS C Taper Lite Stiff 110g - Lamkin ST Hybrid Midsize - 1/4" long - 1,5 deg. upright Felt great, right in the window with spin and launch, 45+ degree landing angle, and around 13-15 meters longer than my Apex. I was slightly concerned with the Stiff rating, but it was definitely right. Also the top 7-8 shaft recommentations were very similar to the one I ended up with. Out of interest, we looked for something similar to my existing shafts among the SwingDNA recommendations. We found them essentially at the bottom of the list with 0,x of 5 stars. Completely unfit for my swing! Maybe there's a reason I have been struggling to get them to perform...! Tried the old iron at the end of the session, and it just suddenly felt weird and wayyy to light. Just another testament to the wise words: "Get Fit!" Order is confirmed with Mizuno, will be built in Scotland, and should be in my hands here in Denmark in less than two weeks Only concern now is the gapping between the 42,5 deg PW and my 50 deg. wedge, but I will figure that out when I start playing them.
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