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  1. Hi everyone, I am in need of some suggestions.. Basically I am a beginner player who has gone out to the range and course a few times this summer. I have been using some Top Flite Womens clubs from around 2008 and I am able to get some OK shots off once in awhile, but feel like these clubs are pretty light/whippy and I have to bend over too far (I am a 6'1 male, 170 lbs). I would like to get a set of clubs that actually fit me before I start lessons and anything would be an upgrade. I have done a lot of research and have the opportunity to grab brand new Wilson D9 clubs (5-GW) for $650 CAD or a set of 2019 Taylormade M2 clubs (5-PW, no face slots version) that have only been used twice for $550 CAD. Which set would you choose? I like the slight extra length of the D9s and the fact that they still have the plastic on but saving $100 for mint condition 2019 M2's seems pretty good as well so I am torn. I think both clubs aim to do the same thing so perhaps it doesn't matter. Budget is not really an issue but would like to keep it under $800 CAD. Would love to grab a set of Mizuno JPX or newer Ping White Dot clubs if they pop-up but either of the above options I think should serve a solid stop-gap and maybe even last me longer. Thanks!
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