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  1. Out of curiosity on the topic at what score would you start to look elsewhere even for a ball that something like PING's ballnamic fit you in to?
  2. Super buzzed to see this test back again, very interested in the L.A.B putters and to see what you guys think!
  3. Oh this is gonna be fun!! Cutline : -4 Tiger: -5
  4. I opted for the Tec X as the marketed extra forgiveness will hopefully improve my approach play. Performance wise I would really like to see these irons push my approach played strokes gained stats to closer resemble my driving SG around an 18 HCP. Spencer Lincoln,CA PING Eye 2 18.3 I agree to participate in discussions on the forum about my experience with the irons after receiving them.
  5. If your goal is to score lower on average then you will need to put some work in at the range or take a lesson to get the driver sorted. In the mean time use the 3W off the tee, plenty of people get around just fine "only" hitting their driver 240 yards.
  6. I think the biggest thing people get confused about with driving and SG off the tee is that the stats do not know or care what club you are hitting off the tee box. Sure in theory you should be able to hit the ball further with your driver than a 3W but look at the actual results you are gaming on the day. If your 3W is constantly 240-250 off the tee and your driver is all over the place from 180-280 then you will produce better results with the 3W. Everyone gets so wrapped up in the "hitting it further is better" portion of SG off the tee but what people fail to realize is that also comes with the caveat of keeping it on the planet. You should be trying to hit it as far as possible but not at the deficit of being all over the place hitting it OB and into hazards. On days like this one I would shelf the driver for the round then take it out on the range and put some serious work into getting it sorted. If you can't get it sorted on your own then go take a lesson to get pointed in the right direction. The choice to not play driver ever again would be missing out on additional yardage and ultimately hurt your game but smacking it 220 yards into the woods certainly isn't helping either.
  7. That's pretty much what I figured. The same way you would use the larger dials on a microscope to tune your focus for what you need then the smaller dials to really hone in and make it sharp. In this scenario the club head and shaft get you in the ball park then the golf ball can be used to find the particular window you want to be in for flight and backspin.
  8. At what point would you consider fitting the ball to your play? I understand that different club shafts can produce different ball trajectory and spin rates and that not all balls play the same. With that said is a constant balancing act or is there a certain point where you lock in a shaft and fine tune with the ball or vice versa?
  9. Yeah I have heard great things from True Spec as well ultimately I think going in with some research and honest expectations of what in theory should work will help and then going with the fitters recommendations on a short list is great. From there I think it would be best to move out onto turf and try those 2-3 options before I would make a final decision.
  10. Yeah I love seeing TXG's work on YouTube and I think they really deliver a very high quality fit. Based off what I have seen from them you can really boil it down to a range of options say 2-4 in both shafts and heads that could potentially work for a player and at that point it is going to be up to the player to then adjust to those new clubs and get the most out of that particular setup. What you swing the absolute "best" on that day may not be what is the end all be all best for you but what you would be fit into is well within what you should be playing and ultimately your performance is on you at that point.
  11. So I've been catching up on podcasts and came across this today and Mark, Lou and Scott bring up some very good points about fittings that have always irked me. I agree and I believe most everyone else does that is better to go and actually "get fit" in some capacity versus buying off the rack. Where my questions lies is when you go for these fittings you are limited both by time and energy. What I mean by that is you are only taking 3-6 swings with each shaft and then with each club head if you were to go get fit at say a Club Champion. Even the best of the best will not have their full shot patterns come out until 30+ strikes. With all of that said how is it that these places can determine what your "best" setup will be without seeing all of those strikes for all of the setups that could be viable? I am not trying to bag on fitting or say that it isn't a good idea I just wanted to spark some discussion on something that I have always wondered in regards to club fitting.
  12. Yes it definitely fits in with what I have been seeing. I have also heard of chip, punch, full drills working on honing strike which then works up to flighting irons and working them higher or lower depending on wind conditions.
  13. Yeah I have been looking at some of his stuff since you mentioned it and he has some great videos explaining the basic fundamentals of what affects ball flight.
  14. Yes, sorry if my wording is confusing when mentioning low/high strikes etc I was only referring to where the ball comes into contact with the face of the club which is independent of the angle of attack. Thank you for the link as there doesn't seem to be as good of a collection of drills for ball striking versus say putting that I've been able to find.
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