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  1. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I played golf from ages 7 through 13. Gave it up through high school and college. Picked it back up again around age 25. So 7 years consistently as an adult. I do not have a current handicap. Based on scores from this year alone I'm shooting on average 84.6 strokes per 18. What do you love about golf? I love the game, as it's nearly impossible to be perfect at golf. But in recent years I love the equipment. I have a fascination with the science and the energy and the technology that drives golf. From OEM's, clones and big branded clubs, I find them all extremely cool. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I signed up as a way to read, learn, and potentially discuss the game and as noted above the equipment side of golf. I do not know any other Spies. Where are you from? What is your home course? Currently reside in Forsyth, IL. Originally from Quincy, IL. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? It's central Illinois so winter time isn't as fun and in the summer it's just a wet blanket outside. What do you do for a living? I'm an RN currently working in an endoscopy department in Springfield, IL How’d you pick your user name? My college/high school friends and I, whom I play golf with the most, used to be in love with the Transformers movie franchise. Sector 7 was something that was taken from those films. The "six" was to designate the 6 members of our "group." So Sector_Six7 is what's on our polos and hats and club covers. Pretty pathetic name I suppose but we like it.
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