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  1. I ordered in early July from a rep (T300s with the AMT Red shafts) and they just arrived at my doorstep today. Was told they were shipping 1st or second week in September so that was a pleasant surprise. Hopefully others have the same luck.
  2. I absolutely loved the new Tseries. I hit all versions but the T300 is best for my game as I tend to have a very low trajectory and low spin. I don't like loosing some shaping but the height, spin, and distance I get far make up for it. The dispersion was also very consistent compared to nearly any other brand I hit. I was lucky enough to hit them right after the sprinkwrap was ripped off on June 30th and fell in love. Not sure when anyone else has ordered but I ordered early in July direct through a rep as soon as they were able to accept orders. And even so, with the stock AMT R300 shaft, they are already a tiny behind schedule with shafts becoming available Sept 1st to start manufacturing. I'm looking at a first or second week of September delivery date. Hopefully that's not a sign of bad delays to come but I ordered so early I was hoping to maybe get them shipped before the release date.
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