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  1. I started playing about a 3 yrs ago. I basically use this method with my 3 wedges using the same swing (front hand just passes back hip so 1/3ish swing): SW(56) - 30-40 yards AW(50) - 50-60 yards PW(44) - 70-80 yard these are standard for normal shots. I adjust for elevation/high wind/if greens are extreme on speed (super slow fast). For example a 50 yard chip over a bunker with a pin just behind it, I will switch to a SW for loft and ideally more spin to get it close. I know I need a little more off my normal chip swing so I adjust how far I go back in my swing with an experienced guess because I have a feel and know my full swing distance (85 -90 yards max). Under 30 yards, I use sand wedge if I have vertical clearance, others 8i. But under 30 it’s all touch. For chips under 10 yards I go to a “putting” like chipping style with stiff wrists locking in the loft based on what I want to do (roll out vs flop). I’m around a 20 - 21 hcp because I am a terrible putter (working hard on that) but chipping it the most consistent part of my game and it definitely keeps my score down. When all the other parts of my game are working I can get in the high/mid 80s but it has been a slow start to this year for my total game.
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