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  1. I started playing the Vice Pro last season and shot my lowest round ever with them (an 86 and also the first time I ever broke 90). Love them and at a great price. You can buy direct from Vice and get a discount for buying multiples, but Target and Walmart now have them in store for $35 a box. I am also going to try out the TaylorMade Tour Response after reading the ball test. I get emails from golfballs.com and picked up 2 dozen logo overruns for $30 a dozen. I will say just on feel that the Vice Pro are much more sticky. Looking forward to putting them both to the test in the spring!
  2. I hit the 0211 this weekend and I thought it had a strange dull sound too. Sounds nothing like my Titleist driver. For the price, I want to love the PXG...just didn't have a great feel/sound to me.
  3. Pick me, pick me! Ever since the ball testing I've wanted to try these. Reading the data and going off of Tony's recommendation, I think these might be a good option for my swing speed. For the price point they seem like a real steal. It's unfortunate that no one seems to have a sleeve of these to purchase. Dick's only sells them by the box so I hesitate to buy a dozen balls if I don't have to. This test would give me the opportunity to try them out without forking out the cash. Who has two thumbs and wants to test these golf balls? This guy! (Points to self with two thumbs).
  4. Thanks for all the responses. I live in the Columbus area, so if anyone has recommendations I'm all ears. I do really like the fitting chart from @jlukes. I enjoy the science and research aspect of golf as much as I like being on the course, so seeing this is getting me pretty pumped up. And thanks for the questions @cnosil. I appreciate the devil's advocate aspect. I do have answers to all of your bullet points.
  5. I talked my amazing wife into allowing me to get fit for my 40th birthday. I'm considering GolfTEC and True Spec as they are both in my area. I'd likely get a full fitting (woods, irons and wedges). I'm reaching out to see if anyone has strong feelings towards one company or the other? Just in my initial research I can tell that True Spec is about $100 more for the full fitting. Thanks in advance and hit em long and straight!
  6. Currently gaming a white hot. Let me try that mallet!
  7. I want to try out the new 799. I'm not exactly new to golf, I just started playing a lot more this last year. I think I could really benefit from a game improvement iron rather than my 716 AP2s. The price for a complete set is pretty amazing, but I want to swing them a bit before a purchase. It doesn't look like the 799s are even an option to demo at this point. I live in Ohio and have 2 lil kiddos, so making the time to take a trip to Sub 70 is out of the question (although it would make for a fun dudes trip). Anywhere else I can give those bad puppies and try or anyone hear if they will be doing demos for them anytime soon? And any suggestions for a game improvement iron or SGI is much appreciated. I hit some TM SIM2 Max OS this week and thought they were okay, just a bit more expensive and not as many no-cost customizations as the 799.
  8. I like the Vice Tour as well, but I'm kind of a Vice fanboy. Pretty long off the tee/decent wedge spin for only $24.99 (as I'm writing this the website has them for $21.99). Vice's website is full of great content. I wish all manufacturers had as much data on their sites as Vice. I also wish they were made in America and shipped faster (you can't always get what you want). I certainly can't ignore that Titleist makes the best ball, no matter the model. The Velocity is long and straight, but about $27.99 a box. I've even had surprising luck with the TaylorMade Distance+. That ball seems to fly long and straight for me. I found the newest model at Walmart for only $11.99. That's a crazy price for a decent ball, especially if you want low driver spin. Speaking of low driver spin...after reading the ball test and looking at the data for my swing speed (mid-high), I might just have to buy a box of the TaylorMade Tour Response and give them a go! They are going for $34.97 a box, but I should have snagged one or two when I saw them last week on Amazon for $29.99. Lesson learned, buy em when you see em.
  9. The Pro Zero was sent in an email as an early release. Marketing geniuses, make people give them their email!
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