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  1. I've only been playing for a year but I made a switch from my M2s to JPX-921 Forged when I realized I had a bit too much distance and not enough workability. I also considered the gap between my clubs in terms of yardage. For me, the longer irons and my woods were too close in terms of distance.
  2. Hey all! How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I've been playing for about a year now and my handicap is sitting at about ~20. What do you love about golf? I love the science behind the equipment and the swing. Also love the scenery that you can enjoy while on a great course. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I've seen a lot of review sites and MGS seemed the least biased and it's been my go-to for reviews/release notes. Where are you from? What is your home course? I'm from WA and my home course is Harbour Pointe GC. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best thing is the view but the worst thing is the unpredictable weather. What do you do for a living? I work in Marketing for big tech! How’d you pick your user name? Don't remember honestly. I just always used the same name.
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