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  1. Hi! Regular MGS reader just joining the forums now, figured I'd start with a WITB. I played a ton of golf in high school/college, and reduced to a few rounds a year after getting into the "real world." I was one of those golfers who came out of the woodwork in spring of last year (with no other hobbies to partake in) and have a newfound love of the game (and equipment) that isn't going away. Working full time, I still got about 60 rounds a year in last year, was between a 6 and an 8 most of last year, and handicap has steadily gone down this year to 2.6. Having a great time and hoping to keep shooting lower and lower scores. I went through about three full bags of gear last year trying to figure out what works and what doesn't, and settled on this setup over the winter (I'm in MN, spent a good deal of time in a simulator over the winter). Other than some putter flings and a LW swap this bag has been set all year and I'm loving it. No real desire to change things - I could make a couple tweaks, but I don't feel like the cost and the time to get used to the new clubs would be worth it, so sticking with what I have and riding it out until things don't work anymore. WITB: Ping G410LST, 9, Ventus Velocore Blue 6S Loving this setup. Have a TSi3 on the way that I'll likely just mess around with and sell quickly, can't resist, but this setup has been so solid for me. SS is around 100 on course, a bit quicker in the sim. Arccos is telling me I'm averaging 278 off the tee, which feels a bit high for a stock number, probably closer to 270-275. In any case, loving this setup. Currently at D4.5, headweight 203g, 45". 3 Wood: Titleist TS2 15 degree, Project X Hzrdus Smoke Black 70, 6.0 This was a 2nd Swing impulse buy April 2020. They had a ton of these for like $90 at the time, so took an educated guess and picked it up. Works great for me, launch/spin is where I want it and I love the look/sound/feel, so no real reason to change. Acts like a mini driver off the tee and usually pretty solid off the deck. Would only consider a 425 or a Sim/Sim2 to replace it, but again, not really a need. Hybrid: 818H1, 21 degree (set to 20), Tensei Pro White 90, S Another 2nd Swing impulse buy, and for only like $80 too. Turning it down to 20 gets me in the window I want it. This shaft feels a bit stout, I really have to go after it and don't have a fear of missing left at all (my miss is right anyway) and I like that. Solid club, don't need anything else in a hybrid. Ping i210, 4-PW (retro spec), DG 120x These have been the game changers for me. I got a full bag fitting last year and went with Apex 19s, Modus 120x. They were simulator darlings but the spin was a bit low, and I really struggled on course with the 5 and 6 irons. I also got the occasional super hot shot that went 10-15 yards further than expected. They looked and felt great, but I didn't fully trust them nor did I feel like they were that consistent. I should have gone with my gut at the time and just got i210, as they were the most consistent head I tried in my fitting. I picked these up used in retro spec, and then tweaked the lofts a bit - 6i is 31, 5i is 27, 4i is 23 to even out some gapping issues I had at first. Short irons are standard retro spec. Iron play has been the highlight of my season and the result of my handicap going down so significantly. I averaged 6-8 greens a round most of last year - in my last 20 I'm averaging 10, and hit 15 once this season. I know what these are going to do, and if I miss, I know what's going to happen. No surprises, nothing wonky, just solid, consistent irons. These aren't going anywhere. (Unless I get picked to test T100s...... ) Ping Glide 2.0 52.12/56.12, Jaws MD5 60.8 The Glide 2.0s feel like a continuation of the i210s, which I love. No issues here. Bounce and sole grind has worked very well in the MN conditions I play in. I'm not as sold on the lob wedge. I think I need something with a bit more bounce, I just don't fully trust it. This is probably the biggest hole in the bag. Odyssey Stroke Lab Ten S Triple Track, 34", 385g head weight Adding the headweight to this putter has been a game changer. It feels like a mini-tank, and I feel like that helps me keep my stroke on line more often. I don't use triple track lines on my golf ball (anymore, at least) but I still like the alignment on the top. I like toying around with other putters - and would love to get an armlock and mess around with that home - but I don't see this putter going anywhere soon. Srixon Z-Star XV Picked this ball because I can get them BOGO or buy two, get one at certain times of the year ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ they perform very well for me - I like the trajectory and spin with this ball, and coming from Pro V1, I don't think I'm missing anything with this switch. I like the ball. Let me know any questions you may have on the setup!
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