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  1. You also forgot about the Flushing Meadows Pitch n Putt and the Riis Park Par 3...I would putt both of them ahead of Mosh (which you addressed later on). Kissena should be on your list as well. Also, Van Cortlandt should be higher on your list. The long Par 5 and the last 4 holes are a joy to play. It is also fun to shoot for the green on short Par 4s. I think it should be ranked 5th (unless you like to walk courses). Many of the NYC courses are short and do not even have Par 5s.
  2. I played the Gold and Green (and Spotswood) back in April and thought the courses were in great condition. I went with some buddies for a golf weekend trip (from NYC). I actually had one of the best rounds of my life (by differential on the Green course). The green course, while technically harder, seemed easier to me and did not have that 'wow' factor. The Gold Course, with ~6 holes crossing the same water, was a delight to play and the second hole with the long second shot over the water was exciting. The Green Course, while nicer than NYC courses, was not anything special. I would recommend both courses if you are taking a trip to Williamsburg. Also, the Spotswood course is a fun short course to play a quick round or play a scramble with friends before the real rounds. Williamsburg also has some other fun activities/good food in the area and its worth making a long trip out of it. We went to Busch Gardens, which was a great way to add some excitement to the trip.
  3. Hey everyone, Been playing golf for about 10 years, 16 handicap, high 80s/low 90s Being outdoors and playing a great game for several hours, reading about it, focusing energy on it Looking for truthful reviews and content. I don't know anyone here (yet) From NYC and have played Van Cortlandt the most, but am looking to pivot my home course to something else in the region Best = some of the best courses in the world are nearby, but (worst) they are not accessible for the average Joe. Best = there is a lot of interest in golf in the region, but (worst) they are not easy to get to without a car Ex-management consultant, current Product Manager Represents where I am from and where I play
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