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  1. I've had three different fittings with Club Champion and it can be worth it provided you have specific issues that you needs answers. For example, you need to arrive with a fairly narrow set of clubs that you want to try. If your top brands have new and interesting stuff, say a new driver or new set of irons, Club Champion has the widest range of options for the club Whole bag fitting is exhausting and I do not recommend it. I was ready to spend $1000's just to make it stop. Driver fitting is a a good value provided you have a limited set of heads to try, Club Champion will have the best shaft options available. Iron fitting is also a good but then again, I wanted to try just a couple of different heads and slide into graphite shafts While their fitting expertise is good, golf fitting, in general, tends to overload golfers with tangential information that can muddle the decision. Read up on metrics such as smash factors, ball speed, spin rate and launch angle so that you can cut through all the information. Trust your feel and select what you want. One last thing, Club Champion has the highest prices on the planet and the add puring which is not needed for higher end shafts. Do not be pressured into making a purchase decision. Good luck and have fun!
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