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  1. I'll have to remember to drop by each week after filling out my fantasy lineup
  2. I know this is a first world problem that I brought upon myself, but I'm looking for opinions on how those of you who have multiple sets of clubs decide which ones to play on any given day. This year I was fortunate to be fitted into my irons and could not decide between the Ben Hogan Icons and the Sub70 TAIII irons so I purchased both. I added both brands Drivers and hybrids I finished the bags with the set of Ben Hogan Equalizer II wedges and a Sub70 002 Mid mallet putter.
  3. I'm interested in getting in this year. Just sent PMs to get a link to join
  4. I took advantage of the CyberMonday sale and picked up the 849D Driver with UST PROFORCE V2 Black 6F3, the 939X 3Hybrid with Aerotech Steel Fiber Hybrid HLS 780 F3 and 699 Pro Utility 19.5° with Aerotech Steel Fiber i80 Graphite. I only had a couple of outside range sessions before the Chicago weather closed the door on the outside season. The clubs feel great, I have to see how the gaps are between a few of the clubs. I did join an indoor golf league at X Golf near where I live so I've had at least 3-4 9 hole rounds playing on the simulator. Not exactly the same, but keeping the swing going and my hands in shape (no glove for me). I've hit the new driver and hybrid on the simulator and they both are forgiving and have distance built in.
  5. The new Sub 70 Forged Raw TAIII irons 4-AW arrived today to take their place in my bag. Lots of extras included in the box thanks @Sub70 and thanks to Jason and Cody for the quick turnaround - 2 weeks from order to delivery. Dynamic Gold 105 R300, 1* upright, Midsize Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Align
  6. I was just notified that my Sub 70 TAIII RAW 4-AW set has a tracking number -
  7. Thanks Rob for setting up the pool. According to Rob this was the fastest shipping of any contest. This was in my garage when I got home tonight….
  8. I'm right handed so you're out of luck on calling Chicago style dibs
  9. In my personal search for new clubs via the demo program at Ben Hogan and Sub 70 - I acquired a SC300i and I will say using it at the range helped narrow down my club choices so that I could eventually decide not only by looks/sound/feel but also have numbers to go by. Granted these were with range balls but I gathered enough data during multiple sessions to arrive at a winner at least for me.
  10. I split my team 3 USA Dustin Johnson, Patrick Cantlay, Colin Morikawa and 3 Europe: Ian Polter, Sergio Garcia, Lee Westwood. With picking Team USA. total luck on my part.
  11. I just checked the leader board and I can't believe I have 51 points. Is this true? Team USA!!!!!
  12. Well I had my fitting with Jason - it was a great experience we discussed how my game is and he even gave me a couple of swing drills to improve my contact. I placed my order that night and Cody called me to confirm the details. Now the waiting begins
  13. I'm scheduled for an onsite fitting tomorrow. I'm looking at the TAIII or 639CBs, plus putter and wedges
  14. I hit the 639CB and the TAIII very well. I believe i will be ordering the TAIII unless the team at sub 70 fits me into the 639cb and shows a big improvement in distance/forgiveness
  15. I'm sending the Sub70 demos back, took some pictures six iron and nine irons in the demo program 639 CB in black, TAIII in RAW, 639MB Plus in satin
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