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  1. I switched to the MAX 15" as I was tending to grip low on the 34" putter with my right index finger on the shaft. With the longer grip my fingers are now completely on the grip and I feel like my touch has improved. Over my last 5 rounds my Arccos app indicates that my putting has improved 4.6 in strokes gained.
  2. Excited to be posting on page 666. Just bought a Garsen Golf MAX 15" grip 'Garsen Golf Max 15 in   Red-Black'
  3. While running the conversions on the carry distance - noticed that for estimation, the overall distance is close to the yards of carry. 5 iron average carry = 172m = 188.1 yds ; total distance of 186m 6 iron average carry 156m = 170 yds; total distance = 167m
  4. Jamie - Congrats on finally getting the delivery. These clubs are great. I saw them at the Sub70 golf outing a couple of weeks back at and spoke with Jay @GolfSub70 as they were still waiting for the Black finish to be in stock in the U.S.A. I love the black shafts and I think you will like the raw finish as they will make your set unique. However with the laser etching of each club name, you already have the uniqueness covered. I love my TAIIIs that I picked up last year in raw, I'm letting them rust naturally rather than forcing them quickly. If I had to purchase this year I would have gone with a combo set CB/TC Here is my set in my bag:
  5. I picked Sub70 as well but I don't think they offer a laser etching so now I guess my 2nd choice was PXG
  6. I'm pulling for Cam Young - he was on my fantasy team all year. If he can't do it I'm backing Scottie Scheffler
  7. I have a shafts that were pulled from Ben Hogan Icons KBS Tour V 110 S with midsize Lamkin grips.
  8. Did a quick calculation based on 1 week left before playoffs green should be clinched playoffs based on division records, yellow is on bubble for top 15, orange need help to get into the top 15. Fade total wins wins available max possible Judge Smails 568 34 602 jddaigneault 556 34 590 Nunfa0 554 34 588 Bunker Snot 548 34 582 Hobert's Hurricanes 535 34 569 Luckylogan 510 34 544 juspoole 502 34 536 ZJBogey 494 34 528 Crossroads Golf 493 34 527 Cciciora 13 Hit it Hard 486 34 520 Dawg061 479 34 513 den748 467 34 501 Tucker_JCT 467 34 501 Nolan220 467 34 501 Chunks 449 34 483 QuigleD 430 34 464 Draw total wins wins available max possible poprocksnbirdies 650 34 684 Apolloshowl (golfspy_APH) 598 34 632 HeathS Birdie Boyzzz 575 34 609 Georgia Southern Eagles (Josh Ross) 552 34 586 How 'bout a Fresca? 547 34 581 Out of Bounds (rwagn4) 518 34 552 Spieth Impediment (mtbryant01) 516 34 550 JHigdon13 490 34 524 Grass Stains (Blueberr_Squishie) (33) 478 34 512 Just Tony Finau (cwojtowicz) 473 34 507 Stud Muffins 470 34 504 FIXYURDIVOT 462 34 496 Play 36 (Dennis K) 458 34 492 Bucky CC 443 34 477 Jfish350 440 34 474 ChiefMikeOfficer 434 34 468 Cam's Gotta Big Put 431 34 465 Getoffjylawn's Tractors 428 34 462 kahl2069 427 34 461 gobama84 423 34 457 TCUFrog 419 34 453 Gino5778 419 34 453 daviddvm 407 34 441
  9. @MyWifesSwingCoachI was planning on doing a how did I get here thread as both Ben Hogan and Sub 70 are part of the story as I used their demo clubs to select my final sets. I have a thread over in the Tour Talk - Golf Spies in Competition My senior amateur tour journey I'll see if I can find time to write up my club selection journey
  10. Going with the Sub70 TCs - checked website blacks are out of stock - I say going with RAW
  11. Sorry to hear this news, but golf is a cut throat business / game. I would definitely pick up additional clubs if they have inventory, I would love to pick up a couple of more sets of wedges and irons even if they are just the heads. I've been playing my Hogan Equalizer II wedges and 4 wood along with my Sub70 TAIIIs in my bag for the senioramateurgolftour.net events. Last month I sent in my GS53 driver for a warranty repair and got it back within 2 weeks. They had great customer service. I have my ICONs in my Hogan Bag that is used for fun rounds
  12. Picking the guys from my MGS fantasy team does not seem to work as I get burned in both pools. I'm not shocked to see Tiger in group 6, but I thought that he may have been in a grouping with other champions of age or with a mix of the LIV players. Thanks for running the pool. Based on the title in the easy office pool it looks like the prizes may be from Titleist as well. Unfortunately, I won't be able to watch any of the tournament this weekend as the Senior Amateur Tour - Chicago tour is holding their mid season major on Saturday and Sunday
  13. I've signed up with 3 guys from work. I'll be playing my Sub-70 bag and will be trying to get the others to pick up the clubs. Will you have the demo cart out on the range that day? It would be nice to compare my TAIIIs against the new 659 TCs and CBs.
  14. Great prize - just submitted my entry - thanks for running these
  15. The third event of the Chicago Senior Amateur Tour was held on Saturday May 21sth at Calumet Country Club in Homewood, IL. There were 72 golfers registered, 6 in Champ flight, 7 in A flight, 12 in B flight, 9 in C flight and 8 including myself in D flight. Weather was mid 60s with a 50% chance of rain during the round. D flight used the Silver Tees. In this round max score for each hole is a triple bogey. I played my Sub70 849D 10.5* driver, Hogan GS53 4w, Sub70 3H, Sub70 TAIII 4-AW , Hogan 54*, 58* wedges, Sub70 002 putter Equipment adjustments: I was struggling in the first 2 events getting off the tee with my driver(pop ups and left pulls) so I adjusted my loft to the highest +2 setting taking my 10.5* up to 12.5* with a 4.5* closed face angle. Calumet Country Club, designed by Donald Ross was recently opened to the public in 2019, it was established in 1901 and was the site of the 1924 Western Open and the 1945 Chicago Victory Open, which was one of the 11 tournament victories that Byron Nelson achieved that year. The course has been undergoing slight renovations the greens were fast and the fairways were surprisingly open for a course 120 years old, the bunkers were not in good shape not much sand and somewhat washed out. The weather called for 50% chance of rain, this turned out to be true as we played the front nine in a constant light rain which slowed to a light drizzle by the time we started on hole #10 and stopped completely as we were putting on #10. I'm listed first on the card below and was in the 4-some with the eventual 1st and 2nd place D flight finishers, Mark and Ben. On the first hole, a par 5 my drive caught the bunker on the right side and my 2nd shot was a clean pick but I ended up hitting a tree branch about 20 yards down range and it bounced sideways into the fairway, 3rd shot was a great strike with my 3h which put me about 68 yds. to go, I went with my Hogan 54 wedge but caught the fringe on the right side of the green and it did not release due to the ground being wet. A chip on and 2 putts started me off with a double. 2nd hole par 3 I went with 2 extra clubs due to the rain and stuck it 20 feet below the pin on the severely sloped back to front green. My birdie putt stopped just under 1 foot short, I walked up to finish out with a nice tap in par and I missed it to the left it went around the lip and out, my nerves got me and my 2nd tap in also missed, I finished up with a 4 putt double and I learned my tournament lesson. Every shot counts and you need to concentrate on each one. The rain picked up on the 3rd hole, I recovered after the mental mishap on the prior hole and had a GIR with 2 putts for a par. The rest of the front nine my drives were all in the fairway and I pared 7 and 9 to go out in 46 my best 9 so far. On the back nine, I continued to have success with the driver, hitting all the fairways even on one of the dog legs where I clipped a tree but got a lucky bounce into the fairway - lost distance but had an open second shot. My wedges were strong as long as I was on the turf, I could not get out of the bunkers, the sand was really like quick sand I felt like I was sinking in taking my stance and a traditional blast technique did not cause the ball to get out of the bunker. I lost a total of 6 shots on holes 13 and 14 to poor bunker play. I didn't let that part of my game bother me as I was able have birdy putts on 3 of the last 4 holes, but only made 2 pars on those 4 finishing the back 9 with a 49 for a total of 95. Looking back the mental error on #2 cost me 3 strokes and the bunkers cost me 6. Improving my thought process I could have taken unplayable lies in the bunkers and may have had a chance of finishing in 1st or 2nd place. In the end on D flight I still won 2 skinks with my pars on 7 and 17 and received a payout of $16.00 with a $9.00 buy in.
  16. I'm in - thanks to Titleist and Vokey , If I win I may have to get another bag
  17. The second event of the Chicago Senior Amateur Tour was held on Saturday May 7th at Blackstone Golf Club in Marengo IL. There were 78 golfers registered, 8 in Champ flight, 19 in A flight, 16 in B flight, 27 in C flight and 8 including myself in D flight. Weather was in the mid 60s with 10 mph wind the week before, it rained every day and the course was very wet, carts had to remain on cart paths. D flight used the Silver Tees. In this round max score for each hole is a triple bogey. I'm listed first on the card. I played my Sub70 849D driver, Hogan 4w, Sub70 3H, Sub70 TAIII, Hogan 54, 58 wedges, Sub70 002 putter First tee jitters left me scrambling from the start, I recovered for a bogey on the first hole and felt real good that I did not drop a shot to my group. 2nd hole par 3 I pulled tee shot to the left, chip up with 5 feet, but I dropped a stroke as I could not complete the up/down. 3rd and 4th holes natural triple bogey setup by poor drives and short approach shots. Highlights of the round were holes 6, 7, 8 where I went par, bogey, par with both pars I had a GIR and 2 putts. The front nine I finished with a double bogey and I went out with a 49. At this point I was feeling good at the turn. I had a good stretch of 3 holes on the front 9 and was optimistic heading into the back nine. On the 10th hole I struggled to get to the green, but finished with a 15ft 1-putt for a double bogey. Hole 11 short par 4, GIR but I could not convert as I had a 3 putt. Holes 12 through 14 were disasters I picked up on 2 of the holes without finishing (one of the worst feelings ever). Last 4 holes I was able to recover with bogeys on each except on 18 where I had a GIR but took 4 putts to finish. In D flight I actually won 2 skins with pars on 6 and 8 - payout $8.00
  18. Recap from my first event - weather was 46 degrees - with winds gusting to 15mph. Many of the players were wearing winter hats. 85 total players in 5 flights handicap index after flight name ( Champ 0-3.9, A 4.0-8.9, B 9.0 - 13.9 , C 14.0 - 18.9 , D 19.0+) maximum score on any hole is triple bogy Bolingbrook Golf Club was in great condition - greens were super fast. Playing my Hogan Driver, Hogan 4w, Sub70 3H, Sub70 TAIII, Hogan 54, 58 wedges, Sub70 002 putter I'm listed last on the score card and put in a solid 48-53 for 101. Inconsistent drives left me scrambling on my 2nd shots. Strong points was my Sub 70 3H and Hogan Wedges, my TAIII irons were solid and consistent. Hi-lights - I skipped a Drive over a water hazard - like they do on the 16th hole at the Masters during practice. - 5 GIR but only 1 par out of those, too many 3 puts, only 1 blow up hole.
  19. tucker_jct


  20. Yes it is the Golf Week Amateur Tour the Senior Tour is similar but you have to be 50yrs old by October of the prior year to join.
  21. I also joined the Golf Week AM Tour in Chicago as well - they don't start for 2 weeks but their schedule is not meshing with mine until later in the season. I joined mostly to play courses that I would not normally play and received a discount on both tours.
  22. Getting back into the game this weekend. In the Senior Amateur Tour - Chicago First event at Bolingbrook Golf Club I don't have handicap index just yet but am starting in the "D" flight Wondering if there are any other MGS members playing?
  23. I'm not a "playa" either but felt the same with a must have of a thin top line. I demoed the 639CBs last fall, and asked Cody about why the TAIII demos only came in a stiff shaft. He sent out the demo set of the TAIII irons and I immediately fell in love with those clubs after hitting them. I had an in person fitting with Jason and he said why do you want the TAIII , he then had me hit them and said that with the regular shaft TT105 dynamic gold I should be good. I've been using them all winter on a golf simulator league here in west suburbs of Chicago with really good consistent results. Plan to get outside to try them before my first go at the Golf week Senior Amateur https://www.senioramateurgolftour.net/default.aspx
  24. Congratulations to the winner - I'm in 7th after all of the 2nd place ties at -15 Thanks for setting this up. If I had won this one I would have really been shocked after my win at the Ryder Cup last year. Can't wait for the next major.
  25. Got my picks in - Hoping for a repeat of the Ryder Cup
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