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  1. Hey everyone, First time posting here as I just joined up in the last week. I just put the Vice Pro into play this week for the first time. I played well for my first round with them considering I am working through some swing changes. They go plenty high while still penetrating, and were very receptive to shot shaping though MY control wasn't necessarily consistent. I just need to figure how easily I can flight them down. Short game spin control is something I still need to flesh out, though they seemed to perform similar enough to the Maxfli Tour CG I just ran out of. They felt great to me. Though maybe I should have practiced with them a bit more to get a better feel for short game response before putting them in play. As mentioned above, I'm just coming off gaming the Maxfi Tour CG (appealing price tag) for my first 5.5 rounds this year which I also felt had great feel and control (vice pro feel softer to me) however I felt the matte green finish contributed to the ball getting/staying dirty looking much quicker. The cover also seemed to turn yellow around the outside of the dimples rather quickly. While this didn't seem to impact performance, my nit-picky eye didn't like it lol. Anyone else been playing the Vice Pro or Pro Plus regularly? Any comparison thoughts between the two?
  2. Hey everyone, Just a little obligatory background on my golf history. I started playing at 10 (35 now), but didn't take the game seriously until I was in high school. I worked at several golf courses and golfsmith, took lessons and played for my high school and community College teams before my University physician flagged me for (slightly) high blood pressure (no sleep, no food, lots of coffee at the time) prior to golf tryouts, and prohibited me from playing. By the time I was cleared to play, the roster was full and I had a bad taste I my mouth- the clubs got hung up for a few years. Out of school, my first boss invited me to play in an outing. A few days at the range and I Ieft the outing with the long drive prize, but couldn't hit a green inside 100 yards, which, unfortunately, was our frequent position. Got my touch back and worked my self down to a single digit handicap before my son was born. Work got busy and family life took priority so playing was at a minimum for the last 5 years. This year I was invited to a work sponsored 4 day golf trip and got bit by the bug bad. As my son starts school soon I'll have more free time during my random weekdays off and plan on filling that time with golf as often as possible. I hope to work on a few obvious swing issues to get back to a single digit handicap, and hopefully better. The only new addition to my bag since 2016 (aside from the new Ping DLX bag itself) is my TM spider tour putter, though I have plenty of backups sitting in the basement should things go sideways with this one. I hope to both learn and contribute as much as I can here moving forward. Anyway, enough talk. Here are the goods. Driver: Titleist 913D 8.5 (neutral set to 9-9.5 deg I think) 3 and 5 wood: Nike VRS Covert Tour Irons: Nike Vapor Pro Combo 4-PW Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM4 50, 54, 60 deg Putter: TaylorMade Spider Tour Ball: Vice Pro (just switched, have not put in play yet)
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