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  1. I enjoy playing the old municipal courses that are affordable, obtainable, and historical. Brakenridge in San Antonio (oldest in TX), Lions Municipal in Austin, Memorial Park in Houston.
  2. I saw a post about Tee Time Apps. Wanted to share this with the group, military tee times .com provides 15% off for veterans and their families. You have to submit proof of service to enroll. I live in Austin and they have multiple courses listed. Alot of courses will give you a discount if you ask...golf has gotten really expensive. Every little bit helps!
  3. I think the whole groove rule is stupid. If I was playing in some type league or amateur system I would but new wedges. I simply maintain my wedges with a groove tool. Twice a year I go over them with my Dremel. Does the ball spin?, not so much. Does it tear up balls? No. So what's the big deal?
  4. Getting a complete set is the way to go, find out your club speed and select shafts accordingly. Learning is more about taking control of the aspects of grip, ball position, balance, and many more. Once you get comfortable and start scoring, then you can look at upgrading. Focus on learning how to score, advance the ball towards the green, getting the ball on the green and avoiding 3 puts or worse. Equipment does not make the player, look at all the great players who learned the game with cast-off clubs. Trevino learned the game with a 7 iron he found.
  5. Goldsmith was my introduction set, worked there and got the fever. Built all of my first clubs except wedges and putter. Moved into Taylormade woods and Titleist irons. Finally put a full Titleist set together and never really looked back. albeit two Cleveland wedges and a Ping putter.
  6. I agree with the recommendations to pull the 2 iron. Wedges are cheap on Ebay. You don't have to break the bank to get some Titleist Vokeys or Clevelands in your bag. Spend 8 bucks on Amazon for a copy of Dave Pelz's short game Bible. It will drop your scores if you commit
  7. I tested the 500 series, didn't identify any significant improvements from my fairway woods. I found a couple of T200 iron heads in 4 and 5. I built them with aerotech FC 90 CW stiff shafts, that enable lower ball flight compared to high launch fairway woods. Time to put in the work and develop a sense of confidence with them on the tee and off the turf. Tight fairways with dry conditions will enable better ball placement and rollout. Gives you options when selecting your irons or fairway woods for different courses and weather conditions.
  8. prillac

    Travel bags

    For air trips: I am a walker, I bought a old school minimalist type bag and added a four point sling, very light but makes you choose 10 to 12 clubs. I use a travel set of clubs just in case. I made a club protector out of a closet rod and 1/4 inch plywood top plate for a total cost of 4 or 5 bucks. Bag has room for balls and tees. I pack this in a 52 inch soft side rifle case. When I get a rental, I choose a minivan so my bags fit. Plenty of room in the case to pad the clubs with your traveling clothes. Not as obvious that your playing when on work related trips.
  9. The last sets of posts make sense. When you reshaft a club, twisting graphite to remove will ruin the old shaft. Torsion breaks the fiber and chemical bonds. Lighter shafts increase swing speed and stress the limit of the material. Good lesson for all to remember.
  10. I have played Titleist products for years. I typically buy used because of the cost, buying individual clubs and reshafting to meet my needs. I think a lot of technology is shaft driven, it would be awesome to test a set of T100s against my C16s and T200s.
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