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  1. I was just an average once-in-awhile golfer, playing just 5-10x year until we retired 2 years ago. I now play an average of 2x/week and realized I needed to get new clubs since most of mine are 20 - 30 years old. Just started learning about the new golf clubs and LOVE My Golf Spy! My handicap has dropped significantly just playing more often. Now I have a 4.8. index and would love love love to be able to test these Titelist T-300 Irons and report to all of the gals in our club! I'm co-captain of our golf team and on the golf committee and could spread the word!!!! My club doesn't have Titleist demo clubs/representative, but was able to swing a T-300 and a T-200 7-iron a few months ago (now an old model with these new clubs coming out) and boy did those ball fly! Can't wait to be able to demo Titelist! My favorite club in my bag is a Fairway Wood by Titleist that I purchased 7 years ago. I'm becoming a true Titleist fan!
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