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  1. Does anyone actually at this point truly blind buy? With all the access to demo clubs or just the ability to hit just about any club prior to buying without any true fitting still allows for finding out what looks feels and performs well for you. Finances dictate in many instances such as mine not getting a true fitting will always hit clubs before any purchase though.
  2. The right way is whatever keeps the ball in play!! So ditch the driver until you find one that works. I personally took an inch off my driver shaft playing 44” and consistently in fairway or first cut and went from high 90s low hundreds to consistently playing 83-88 all season. If 3w keeps you in play you will be playing the “right way”!!
  3. So currently game Cleveland launcher hb irons love the clubs been shooting in 80s this season so no complaints there, question comes in at what point do I switch back to my 716ap1? Have noticed dispersions with the launchers to be wider which has me in between clubs a lot…. Thoughts?
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