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  1. I totally agree with you. Just don't have the $350 at the moment, so I'm living vicariously through you guys. One thing I think is interesting is the Stack System seems to use weights much heavier and lighter than SuperSpeed. I haven't noticed people talking about that aspect on the various threads. I think Sasho/Jertson must be taking a different approach. I trust them more than anyone else. Based on my observations: SpeedSpeed goes from ~255-262 grams (Green light stick) to 335-343g (Red heavy stick) Stack System goes from 48g cap/152g shaft=200g with no weights all the way up to 480g (200g stick w/280g weights on). 280g is the heaviest I've seen in any of the posted protocols. There is a significant difference between the two systems. I think that's interesting and I'd love to hear more from Sasho on why they think such heavy weights are still effective. Keep posting results. These are super motivational. Attached are pics of my poor man's version. I might have to plunk down the big bucks and join the club.
  2. Just curious in creating a DIY version with my 3d printer. How much does the shaft/grip weigh (grams) and how much does the screw on head weigh? Obviously, without any weights on. Thank you in advance! Great thread.
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