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  1. I have a set of elevate tour shafts that I’d LOVE to trade for the 105’s!!
  2. 46” long with HC. I was told lie is 79* . I never measured it but I’d say what I was told is true. I put lead tape on the bottom because I like a very heavy head . Tape is easily removable and if you want I’ll take it off before shipping. I play a broomstick and don’t see myself ever going back to a standard putter. Possibly a trade for a stealth driver $399 obo shipped. Please add $10 for the extra postage west if the Mississippi.
  3. Lakegolfer


    5-pw tour elevate stiff?? They are .370
  4. Asking $100 obo shipped. Has a great feel.
  5. So they are x flex but soft stepped to stiff? Thanks
  6. I’m VERY interested. Can you email me at tcafla@msn.com? Thanks
  7. THis is my Mezz. Low number 82 out of only 1000 made. 38” , 71* lie angle . It has a 17” 2 thumb grip which is back weighted with a 50 gram insert which can easily be removed. Head is 388 grams . Email me with any questions . Asking $650 obo. Shipped conusa. Thanks
  8. Ping G410 26* 5 hybrid . Shafted with a fantastic GD AD -85 stiff shaft . Grip is a standard Golf Pride MCC align shaft. I don’t have the HC. Possible trade interest would be driver heads 10.5* and above . $325 shipped OBO.
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