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  1. Thanks for the input.  I really want to find out if everything I'm reading is straight up.  And I believe MGS is an excellent source of information.


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  2. I've been gaming Mizuno's for a long time and after playing other brands for years.  And I can say that they are the best irons in the business.  It looks like I'll be getting these irons as soon they are available.

  3. This is a great site.  But I'd like to know if the site is unbiased and isn't influenced by outside $$$$.  My initial thoughts that this site with reviews and testing is unbiased.

  4. TaylorMade has been perfect whenever I've had to deal with them.   They make the best woods, far and beyond anyone else.  Their wedges are the best too.  I think I will sell all my Callaway gear and buy a full bag of TaylorMade.  My scores will drop by at least 5 strokes by doing this.

    Golf is so much fun.

  5. After a great round we all got drunk at the bar.  This looks over the green on one of the holes.  We were hammered and went out and took a dump on the green.  Man it was funny.  Don't recommend doing this but it was super funny.

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