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  1. I am considering to get a hybrid to improve the gapping in my long clubs. Currently I play a 4 iron and 4 wood, but the gap between the two is too large: about 20-25 yards. Additionally, I am not really comfortable with hitting my 4w from the fairway, so therefore think I am better off with a hybrid than of 5w or 7w (even though I have never played a hybrid before). I just have one problem: as a left handed player, it seems almost impossible to try one first or get a good fit. My local golf shops and fitters hardly have any LH hybrid demos and the ones they do have, are not in the loft I expect to need (they mostly have 23-27 degree demos). So even if I would go for a fitting, getting the right gapping is probably still a guess. I want to get a second hand club first, just to make sure I am not spending a lot of money on a club I may end up not liking. So I am probably looking for models like Titleist TS2/3, Ping G410, Callayway Epic (based on what golfbidder has available in adjustable LH hybrids and what I am willing to spend). I could use some advise of these questions: - What loft to go for? I've looked up some tables and 20 degrees seems to be the most suggested 3 iron replacement (which seems to be what I am looking for) - Go for adjustable hosel? Might decrease my options, but since I am not getting fit, seems a good way to ensure I can tweak distance. - Shaft flex and weight? Last year I got for for DG 120 S400 shaft for my P790/770 set. So go for stiff flex and - if I can find one - a somewhat heavier shaft? Any other tips are also welcome... My current clubs: - 4 iron: TM P790 with DG 120 S400, carries about 195 yards - 4 wood: Ping G25 4w (16.5 degrees) with stock Ping TFC 189 stiff shaft, carries about 215-220 yards My game: handicap 2, average ballstriker for my level (mostly scoring with short game). Swingspeeds: 7i: 85mph, driver: 105 mph (on typical swings, not max. speed). Typical miss is a pull, so no draw bias needed... P.S. If I like the hybrid and the gapping is ok, I'll probably replace my 4w with a 3w to get a correct gapping between the hybrid and fairway wood. I currently only have 13 clubs in my bag after ditching my 3 iron a couple of year ago, so I could replace the 4w with both a hybrid and a 3w.
  2. Update: my set of P770's finally arrived after 7 months
  3. I don't blame the equipment manufacturers for things they can't control. I do blame them for their poor communication on this and not being open and honest on what to expect. I'd rather be told now that I have to wait until February, instead of being told every month that I have to wait for another month (which is what I am experiencing for about six months now). And if the manufacturers themselves don't know what to expect, then just say so. But don't keep making promisses you can't keep.
  4. Does anyone have experience with Toptracer on short ranges? At my club we are considering getting Toptracer, but the driving range is only 220 yards long, with a fence at the end of the range. If a ball carries into that fence, can Toptracer somehow calculate the correct carry?
  5. I ordered a set of P770's through my fitter April 9th. Shafts and grips are available. TM seems to be unable to deliver the heads in a reasonable time.
  6. Other brands aren't doing better than Ping. I ordered a set of TaylorMade irons (P790 4i, P770 5-AW) and Cleveland wedges (RTX 56/60) through my fitter on April 9th. The 4i arrived last week. The rest is now scheduled to be delivered begin September. So 5 months of waiting... If they really arrive begin September...
  7. I tried truegolffit yesterday and was quite disappointed with the result. Main reason: I naturally hit a draw and got fit for a draw biased driver. Not looking to hitting even bigger draws or hooks :(. I think it is a major flaw that this cannot be taken into account.
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