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  1. I have 2 tickets for all 6 days of the forthcoming Ryder Cup ( international Pavilion) reluctantly for sale. Living in the UK it’s looking unlikely that we will be able to make the trip with travel not yet being permitted to the US and as such we have sadly decided to sell our 2 tickets. I’m not looking to make any money and am happy to sell them for face value. There is an official website where I can sell the tickets but unfortunately you have to have a US address to do this. They are totally genuine and I’m happy to share the receipt/ proof of purchase to any potential buyer. Equally I’m happy to share my personal details so any buyer has confidence in who you are buying from. The tickets are due to be posted out to me 4-6 weeks before the event - this would then give me plenty of time to post them on to the buyer. Please send me a private message if you are interested.
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