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  1. I've been trying to be disciplined and taking the longer club although what's around the green plays a factor. Is there water short, is long going to be an impossible up and down, etc.
  2. I was recently fit for new shafts on my driver, 3 wood, and 2 iron so hoping the driver doesn't get benched as often this summer! I know the swing needs some work regardless of the shaft
  3. I am getting new shafts in my driver, 3 wood, and 2 iron plus a new grip on the putter via a Club Champion fitting. Cannot wait for them to come in...and the weather to improve!
  4. I'm willing to hit whatever works/looks best, but I can't get myself to buy anything PXG. I'd just hear "KABOOM BABY" every time I look in my bag and saw a PXG club
  5. When I had a smaller grip on the putter, I had it top right - next to the driver (preferred spot, esp when walking), but since switching to an oversized grip, it fits much better in the bottom middle slot
  6. I've been a Manchester United supporter since elementary school thanks to one of my cup soccer coaches who was from England. I also recently became a Man U shareholder. I proudly own 1/53,000,000 of Man U
  7. LIV intro better be a remake of the Dawson's Creek intro...if not, what are we even doing here? But seriously, moving from YouTube to the CW/CW App (I'd venture to guess a vast majority of people didn't even know The CW had an app) seems to be a very questionable move. Yes, it's on TV, but must less accessible in the US.
  8. March 21/24 release date depending on what edition you get
  9. 6 The 4 I have been fit with are in my signature (Driver/3 Wood/2 Iron - Club Champion, Irons - GolfTEC). The wedges and putter are stock so don't remember off the top of my head.
  10. I had an impulse buy of the TaylorMade Stealth 2 UDI over the summer and just got it with the same shaft as the rest of my irons. I didn't hit it a ton, but was pretty inconsistent. Through my fitting at Club Champion over the weekend, I found it definitely wasn't the best shaft. A hybrid shaft was the much, much better fit (for me).
  11. I had a fitting at Club Champion over the weekend. The best move was reshafting my current 3-wood with a Aldila Ascent Red 70 X - extremely tight dispersion. If I was getting a new head, I probably would have went with a less expensive shaft.
  12. Update - no new clubs, but I am getting a new shaft in the driver, 3 wood, and 2i. Also adjusted the lie of the putter (it was sitting open by 2* at address, which explains a lot lol) and tossed on a new grip.
  13. I have not seen any confirmation either way, but Drive to Survive is released all at once.
  14. Cannot wait for this! They picked one heck of a year to start filming! Drive to Survive release date was just announced as well - February 24th The tennis version will be released tomorrow (1/13)
  15. I'm going for a full bag fitting on Saturday at Club Champion (they had a deal where the full bag fitting was $100 with purchase so taking advantage of that) Driver - will be replaced, the reason I booked the fitting 3 wood - only 1.5 years old, but stock so could be replaced 2i - impulse purchase when they were released over the summer....doubt it gets replaced (5 or 7 wood?), maybe different shaft Irons - safe, purchased/fitted at GolfTech in Oct 2020. Probably just get the lie/lofts checked Wedges - safe, purchased over the summer, but stock...I will get the fitting info for the next round of wedges Putter - safe, purchased January 2022, but possible adjust lie/loft. Definitely getting a bigger grip put on
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