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  1. I didn't have any goals going into 2021, but I dropped my handicap from 6.4 to 5.0, made a lot of upgrades to my bag, and was much more consistent scoring wise. My 2022 goals: 1. play more 2. practice more/better 3. lower my handicap into the 3's 4. break par on a round of 18 (broken par on 9, but +1 is my best for 18) 5. hole in one
  2. I have been using a TaylorMade Spider for the last few years, but have been wanting to go back to a blade. When I originally switched to the Spider, it really helped my putting. I think it was partially because I was starting to learn more about technique and get better at the game and partially because of the weight. My putter before that was a Taylormade Rossa blade, which was pretty light. Without being 100% sure if I'd prefer the blade, I didn't want to spend $300 on a new putter. Right before Christmas, I got lucky on eBay and purchased my new putter- Mizuno M Craft I in blue. Brand new and came with the weight set. I was going back and forth between getting it in black or blue. I couldn't find one locally to try out/see in person so I took a chance on getting it in blue and I am glad I did! I love the look of it! After hitting a few putts in my hallway, I love the way it feels! I could definitely feel the difference even before I went back and forth between the two putters hitting putts. I think I'm going with the middle weight set (8's). The light weight set (3's) was decent, but I like the additional weight that the 8's provided. The heavy weight set (13's) made putts feel more like a thud that I didn't like. I'll have to get it on the course to see distance control with the different weight sets though. The one thing I might change is the grip. It came with a smaller, hard Mizuno black grip. I liked the thicker, softer SuperStroke on my Spider, but I will try it out for a little before changing grips. I paid $155 + $15 shipping so even if I end up preferring the mallet, I can resell this and not take much of a hit, if at all.
  3. I'm hoping they will do another run of them because I'd love to pick one up!
  4. My wife got me a Top Golf gift card, UA polo and 1/4 zip. My parents gave me a TXG towel, a No Laying Up polo, and a US Amateur polo (grew up and live about 10 minutes from Oakmont CC) - I may have helped with selecting these items haha With some luck on eBay, I gave myself a new putter for $155 + $15 for shipping
  5. I recently picked up a TXG ball marker during their black Friday sale so I'll be putting that into the rotation next year
  6. For $2000, I'd plan a golf trip in Florida during MLB spring training
  7. I am going to give 5 wedges a try for the beginning of next season. PW - 45* P790, 130-145 yards AW - 50* P790, 115-130 yards 52 - Cleveland RTX4, 95-110 yards 56 - Cleveland RTX4, 0-95 yards I'm adding a 60 degree as a final club in my bag. I had an older hybrid, but it was being overlapped on distance by my new 4 and 5 irons. Although I have a gap between 4 iron and 3 wood, I rarely find myself in that range. I'm sure a new hybrid or driving iron would take care of that gap, but I think I'd get more use out of a 60 degree wedge around the green. That TXG video came out at the perfect time because I was just discussing wanting to dial in partial wedge distances for next season. The matrix is a great and simple way to accomplish it.
  8. I dropped my unofficial handicap to 5.0 to finish the year. I don't belong to a country club, play in any events, etc. so never got an official handicap. I just keep an Excel spreadsheet with my scores for the year. Last year was the first year I tracked all of my scores and I finished at 6.4 so I'm definitely trending in the right direction. My goal is to be a 4.0 (or lower) for my President's Cup trip in September.
  9. I play 9 after work once a week with my dad. If it is cooler out, we will walk. There are not a ton of courses in Pittsburgh that you would want to walk or are even allowed to.
  10. I'm currently at 3 (Callaway driver & 3 wood), Taylormade (irons & putter), and Cleveland (wedges)
  11. Recently added Apple TV. We just binge watched Ted Lasso and are a few episodes into the Morning Show. Highly recommend both!
  12. MWL_9


    I purchased Arccos at the end of June/early July and I'm a big fan. It has definitely helped my game for two main reasons - 1. getting accurate distances for my clubs (I've never done a true gapping session and got new P790s last fall) 2. the caddie feature on each shot that tells you the distance, adjusted distance (takes into account elevation change, wind, temperature, altitude, humidity), and recommended club based on your distances. I had some issues the first few weeks with the app not picking up shots, but I haven't had a missed shot in 2+ months. I don't know if it just needs to get acclimated or what, but no issues since then. The one thing that is not real accurate is the putting. I usually double check to make sure the putts are accurate after each hole, but I have the app up to see the next hole and it's a quick tap of a +1 on the putts. **They just put out or are putting out an improvement to the putt tracking I got the sensors that you screw into the end of your grips. I did not get the belt clip because from what I've read, it's the first model and a number of people are having issues. You do need to keep your phone in your front pocket. It took me a few rounds to get used to that.
  13. I was looking at this same bag and was holding out for an offseason sale until I saw your post - THANK YOU! I bought it in black and received it much quicker than I expected. I've walked two rounds with it and have been very happy with it. It looks great, enough pockets for everything I take on the course, light, individual slots for each club, water resistant, and I saved $100 over some of other bags I was looking at. I typically walk my weekly 9 in the spring and fall, but this is the first bag I have carried instead of using a push cart. I'm having no issues as it's a light comfortable carry. Yes, the zippers are a little tighter due to it being a water resistant bag, but I personally don't see it as a big deal. I have not had any issues opening/closing the cooler zipper with one hand while carrying the bag, which was a concern for me. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a new bag!
  14. I wear a glove for driver through 6-7 iron, no glove for the rest unless I'm in deep rough. I don't wear my wedding ring while golfing.
  15. I typically toss my hat in the sink and drench it for a few minutes after each round. It seems to be giving the hats a longer shelf life
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