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  1. In my bag: 2 golf gloves (attached to outside of bag), balls (sleeve of new ones, handful of gently used ones, and handful of found ones), tees, ball marker/divot tool, black or blue sharpie, 2 Gatorade towels, club brush, range finder, tool to adjust driver Advil, tums, athletic tape, Icy Hot, bug spray, suntan lotion Umbrella, short sleeve rain jacket (keep a long sleeve waterproof jacket and pants in my car - I'm the one driving 99% of the time so can easily grab them if forecast calls for it), rain hood for bag In the cart: keys, wallet, chap stick, eye drops, water/gatorade, snack (granola bar of some sort most likely), portable cell phone charger, sunglasses case, cigar w/ cutter and lighter
  2. Give me the good conditions as long as it isn't too bad of a layout
  3. For me, it's going to be determined by 2 factors 1. what part of my game is working/not working that day? 2. what does around the green look like?
  4. I have two old Gatorade towels - one for cleaning clubs, one for wiping off sweat. Both get washed after each round. I have a soft and hard scrub brush attached to my bag. Little spit shine, soft scrub brush, and a towel wipe before tossing the club back in the bag.
  5. 45-50-52-56 45 & 50 - P790 52 & 56 - Cleveland RTX4 Even though it is only a 2 degree difference, the distance gap is fine due to the 50 being a P790.
  6. Shot a 78 (+6) yesterday. Hit the ball well. Rolled in a couple putts. First and last time playing this local course, but it was a last minute decision to go out. Maybe 13-14 actual golf holes. Lost a couple strokes due to not knowing the course and a few more due to poor conditions around the green. 5+ hour round as people didn't know you could talk and drive a golf cart at the same time, which was very frustrating. BUT, it was some good golfing weather so I'm glad I was able to sneak a round in!
  7. Nothing too exciting here, I use the marker in my Pittsburgh Pirates divot repair tool
  8. My Cleveland Launcher hybrid. It's a trusty ole gal, but with my new irons, it doesn't really have a use due to distances. At some point in the near future, I'm either going to get a 5 wood, a new hybrid, or a driving iron.
  9. I typically lose my swing each summer as well. Bad round or two then try to make little refinements then I'm thinking too much about the swing and down the dark twisty tunnel we go. I typically take a week or so off and not think about the swing. After, go to the range and try to just hit. No targets, no distances, just swings without swing thoughts. Easier said than done of course. This year aka last week it took 2+ buckets of balls over a few nights. Finally hit a few that felt right and figured it out....for now
  10. I run into this issue as well this time of year. I have a Gatorade towel I use just for my face, forearms, and hands (wash after every round). I also rotate between two gloves throughout the round. Velcro them to my bag or cart to help them air dry.
  11. If they are well behaved, owner cleans up after them, etc, I have no problems with them. My Boston would be happy as a clam sitting on the cart for the afternoon. My lab/boxer on the other hand, he'd be chasing every bird and squirrel on the property haha Admittedly, I do have a fear of one getting hit though
  12. Someone is power tripping! The main issue there is the over booking IMO. There are a few local courses I don't play anymore for that reason. It's a shame because they are good tracks too
  13. If it's in the budget, get fitted. If everything was equal, I'd start with the irons first.
  14. Honestly, it all depends how you hit them. You could probably go game improvement or player distance. I was fitted at GolfTec at the end of last summer and knew I wanted to get into the player distance so I could learn to start working the ball more. I ended up with TaylorMade P790s, which were on my short list of clubs I was interested in. Another set that was on my list, Callaway Apex, I couldn't hit at all, which was surprising because my previous two sets were Callaway. Ping and Mizuno were the other two in my final three. The Mizuno wasn't a surprise, but the Ping sure was! Go in with an open mind and see where the numbers take you. Enjoy!
  15. Tonight is looking like my typical Friday night - take out (probably going pizza and wings tonight), Leinenkugel Summer Shandy, and some music on the porch with the wife and pup! Possible add a cigar if I'm in the mood
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