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  1. I say anything that can help your game is worth giving a shot, however with balls as good as the maxifli tour, if your a high handicapper and lose balls off the tee a lot then play something cheaper and upgrade along the way as your game gets better.
  2. PXG:pw-4i TITLEIST: 5w 7w Ping: 54/58 Evnroll putter maxifli golf ball
  3. get it!!! hands down probably the best putter I've owned. their technology is legit and you'll be way more consistent with pace and distance control
  4. yesssss!! didn't read your post before I posted about my evnroll experience, but I love my evnroll and probably a lifer. I haven't tried their midlock version. I'm excited to see what comes out next year.
  5. you forgot to mention the Evnroll putters, that was my first purchase when I got into the game of golf (2years ago) and I'm a true believer of the technology in those putters. I definitely believe in the sik tech as well but, with evnroll your going to have the consistent distance control and speed even on off center hits.
  6. where can I go to this place!! that's amazing avx for practice that's awesome.
  7. djrexyman

    Maxfli Tour

    I got to say your right in every way! love the feel, just less durable and I would say it spins less than a prov1. I use to be a snob for golf balls but in humbling myself and just getting the maxifli for now
  8. I say go for it, I put a 7 wood in the bag and it's been the best thing I've ever done. they have a higher flight than a hybrid, more spin than a hybrid which helped hold greens alot better. I say do it. check out the tsi2
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