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    My wife, Sally and I love people, we are socially very active, and we travel a bit when we can. Then comes golf. I've been retired for 24 years, but 16 of us from work still go on a golf trip somewhere in the Pacific Northwest every year.

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  1. Along these lines of public vs private: Taking a trip back to Eastern PA and taking my clubs. I found 23 private, 4 semi-private and 14 public courses with 20 miles around the Downingtown area. It was hard to find any public courses with both current and good reviews, but I finally settled on Wyncote which has both. According to my wife's relatives there, most everyone they know who plays golf belongs to a private club. I imagine the population density there can support the number of private clubs present. Oregon's population is 4.3M within 98.4 Th Sq miles while PA's population is 12.2M within 46.0 Th Sq miles. Here in the High Oregon Desert we can't find 250k people, but we have 23 private and 10 public courses within 20 miles of one another; and all 10 public courses are 4-5 star rated. Sounds like I'm bragging, but I'm just relieved. Welcome to my world. Our courses are also supported by 1.5M visitors every year who come to enjoy all the recreation opportunities available to them.
  2. Living in the High Oregon Desert which is a golfer's playground, I'm surrounded by about 30 public and private courses. Fortunately, they're split about 2/3 public, 1/3 private. I play my public home course 80% of the time with an annual membership ($1,870 walking, $2,640 w/cart) the rest of my time paying daily fees among other public courses. The private courses are just too costly. Our men's club is good at policing themselves and generally keep it to 4 hours or less. Again, with all the visitors we get there's no escaping the un-raked bunkers, ball marks, divots, long rounds especially on weekends, etc. Found the same conditions at the private courses. Heaven forbid you should say something to anyone....
  3. I switched from the Srixon Z Star to the Maxfli Tour CG about 4 months ago based on the '19 ball test. The latest ball test confirmed (for me) they are a best buy in performance for the price. For my swing they are a longer ball than the Srixon, I'm about to become among the elderly(80), and I need all the distance I can find! And I like them around the greens as well. Index is 13.6
  4. Recently sprung for the $9 driver fitting from True Golf Fit. It recommended the Callaway Epic Speed 10.5 w/Hazardus Smoke 50gm shaft. Well, I called the local Dick's Sporting Goods who happened to have the exact club in stock. So, I take my PXG 0811 XF 10.5 w/Tensei 50 gm shaft right on over and, after a warm up, hit 20 balls with each in 5 ball alternate groups. Well, I'm 79 years old, a towering 5' 7" tall and 175 lbs. with an 88 mph swing speed. There wasn't a nickel's worth of difference between the results. I kept the $530 for the new Callaway in my pocket.
  5. Curious how the Shot Scope V3 will work out on the course. Cancelled the Arccos system after a year as I found it to be far too frustrating. First, if it found me at my course, it would lose me somewhere along the way; and I had my phone in my front left pocket. Second, I'd have it all set up to play at my course, then on the 1st tee it would put me at another course a half mile away. Arccos tried to fix it, but never could. I don't remember finishing a single 18 hole round with it. And the dude at Arccos was no fun to work with.
  6. Been using the Maxfli Tour for about 5 months now with great results.
  7. Thin top lines do not bother me. Golf used to bother me, but I'm almost 80 years old, and I became performance based when it comes to clubs a long time ago. Hmmm. I have 5 brands of clubs in my bag.
  8. I had golfer's elbow a couple of times. An arm band with a small pad in it that is placed directly on the sore spot will help. Icing it will also help. Or, my final solution: cortisone shots. Went away quickly.
  9. I've been using Srixon Z-Star until this year when I discovered the Maxfli Tour CG. I've been using the Maxfli's about 5 months and I'm getting consistently more distance with similar performance around the green. I'll ride this horse until I find a better one for the price.
  10. I replaced the grips immediately as I use soft mid-size due to arthritis in my hands. My Cobra gap wedge is 48 degrees which gives me 105 yards. These wedges were a perfect extension for a full wedge set.
  11. I've had this 3 wedge set from Costco for about 90 days now, and I'm having good results with them. 60 = 75 yds; 56 = 85 yds; 52 = 95 yds. And they're good around the green. I use the 60 out of greenside bunkers with great success. Replaced 3 major brand wedges I was struggling with for about a year; and yes, I was supposedly fitted for those! Got fed up and got the Costco ones.
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