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  1. So there's this restaurant/hotel chain that's here in Portland and every person who works there is the biggest jerk ever. It always makes me wonder what these people are like in interviews. Are the people hiring them glad they're jerks? This also applies to marshals at courses. They're usually humorless old cats who are in your business. There seems to be a common theme in that they forget that you're a customer and you've paid money to be there. So don't come over and yap at me about hurrying up or moving up tees. Unless I'm doing something egregious, gtfoh.
  2. I used to play a 52 but I've moved to 45 PW followed by 50-54-58. I'm using the 54 out of the sand most the time unless I'm in a weird lie or next to the lip, in which case I switch to the 58. Was just having this conversation with our playing group the other day and it turns out most of us are locked into one club inside of like 80 yards most of the time. One guy is a PW guy no matter what, one guy hits his 52, and I'm a 58 guy because I can't generate any backspin. Golf is funny that way I guess.
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