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  1. Agreed, glad I bought the box of 4dz for $105 when they had it!
  2. Today, we are here to honor a thread unlike any other on MGS. This thread made us laugh... cry... pull our hair out in frustration trying to tease out the tiniest of differences between golf balls (Greg). But most of all, this thread was a super entertaining offseason journey. We came as golfing strangers and leave as better informed golfers and friends. I would like to thank @Thin2win for volunteering to hit thousands of golf shots and posting it online for us, even on Thanksgiving. I would also like to thank.... wait...
  3. This was great to follow along during the "offseason" and more than happy to help contribute to your testing! Obviously everyone is different but it was pretty eye opening to see really similar performance in the balls above with your consistency. Very kind to send a sample platter, look forward to doing some of my own testing with much less consistency haha
  4. Interesting, I usually play Srixon XVs and Maxfli Tours on sims and they usually last a long time before showing signs of deteriorating
  5. Londo

    Kirkland v2

    Interesting that he saw low spin on driver, these are typically the highest spinning urethane balls and have been holding them back on driver distance in the past. Think that they are a great value for the $ for those looking for a deal but don’t think this video convinced me they are on the same level as others yet.
  6. Londo

    Best wind ball?

    Will echo that Left Dot is the best ball I have ever hit in the wind. Low trajectory was super penetrating, handled into the wind and crosswinds better than any other I have used. Srixon XV and Snell MTB-X have been solid as well
  7. Tour Edge Exotics CBX 3-Wood is in excellent condition. It features a Project X 6.0 HZRDUS 63 gram shaft with a Lamkin Z5 grip. The club has 15 degrees of loft. Very minor scratches on the sole and face but otherwise club is in excellent condition and performs like new. Headcover included but is not the original. $110 shipped.
  8. Hey, thanks everyone! And to those wondering, I am a sp0rtsfan(86). Won’t get to use them outside of a sim for a couple months but wanted to share my birthday gifts from “my wife” to me!
  9. Londo

    Breaking News

    Really curious which two ball manufacturers have expressed that they are unable to take on new business at the moment... Would certainly put money on Foremost being one of them.
  10. Londo

    LEFT DOT!!

    It sounds like that its up in the air whether they make a "full" release this year or next year. Tony hinted at this in a recent article (can't remember which one, it was within the last two weeks). My guess is that they keep doing some of these releases throughout the year and have a permanent release in '23 when they do the ball refresh
  11. Probably out there but going to go out on a limb Red- MTB Black Green- MTB X Blue- TP5x
  12. Okay, I know this is an old thread/comment but you made me go down the rabbit hole of finding a gag Phillips commercial from 2006 promoting "Quintippio- the new 15 bladed razor!" lmfao
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