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    LEFT DOT!!

    It sounds like that its up in the air whether they make a "full" release this year or next year. Tony hinted at this in a recent article (can't remember which one, it was within the last two weeks). My guess is that they keep doing some of these releases throughout the year and have a permanent release in '23 when they do the ball refresh
  2. Probably out there but going to go out on a limb Red- MTB Black Green- MTB X Blue- TP5x
  3. Okay, I know this is an old thread/comment but you made me go down the rabbit hole of finding a gag Phillips commercial from 2006 promoting "Quintippio- the new 15 bladed razor!" lmfao
  4. I have the same irons and gapping, the there is ~16yd distance gap between PW and GW. Over the past season there were only 2 real instances where I found myself directly between clubs and had to make a tougher decision.
  5. Londo

    Bombtech Golf

    Have seen their advertising as well, they are definitely targeting a certain demo and are annoying at least to me. I don't think they are a scam but I would be surprised if they weren't a tier below in quality as they don't make their own equipment but contract it out. Obviously other places do it too and I don't have personal experience with them, but that has been typical of newer companies coming into the golf space.
  6. Agreed on this, Vice Pro Soft and Callaway Chromesoft are probably the softest golf balls that I would legitimately game as all the other lower compression balls don't check a box that I need from a ball.
  7. I understand that for sure and agree. I have only purchased a few dozen mint balls and did not notice any difference from new however, they were from a homeowner on a golf course. Golf balls have gotten good enough that you can find a ball that is $25-40/dz with the same properties as a $50/dz ball, only difference is branding and maybe a slight QC bump. The price of the ones you are using new is probably only $5/dz more than mint/near mint ProV1s and you know they are new. Unless you are losing more than 3-4/rd I think what you're doing right now is the way to go. Otherwise, you could order a dz mint of Snell/Maxfli/Vice to try vs what you are using and if that would be another way to save? I think most of those sites offer deals regularly too
  8. I wouldn't consider balls that have spent more than a few hours submerged in water, mint or near mint. It would be interesting to see the degree that water logging affects ball performance, however I am sure that it varies by model as well. It seems general consensus that balls submerged more that 12 hours will have performance affected.
  9. I would echo the Z Star and RX as primary recommendations, similar compression as AVX and with your SS you should see similar spin numbers and maybe a tad more distance (~5yds). If those aren't for you I would look at the Titleist Tour Speed or current Chromesoft (they maybe redesigning for next year, someone correct me if I'm wrong?), you would likely see a bit of distance benefit, similar spin and compression as well.
  10. I noted but I was looking at the grouping for the Pro V1, it does look a tiny bit tighter than the other two. Could just be swing like Chris said but I think I like that grouping a bit more than the std dev on spin #s!
  11. Agreed on the classic look of Titleist, I like Srixon's, Vice's and Bridgestone's a lot as well, Bridgestone may be my favorite logo. Callaway, Taylormade are just okay. I actually really dislike Snell's although I love the ball- I wish they would redesign, shrink or just go to a single "S" logo like Bridgestone. I think Maxfli looks a bit dated and could use a refresh too.
  12. I'm stealing the winter pocket technique from you Greg my guess is that there probably isn't much to expansion and contraction unless its more extreme temps and happening a number of times. I would love to see data on ball flight with those variables as well!
  13. Sounds good to me! K eep I ncreasing S pecialty Club S tockpile
  14. I thought that the last lab on MGS was interesting and thought that the results were about what I would expect. However, now I am more curious about how prolonged exposure during storage (days, months, year+) of heat/cold would affect the play of golf ball. Does anyone have any experience playing/hitting balls that were stored at high or low temps for a period? Was there a noticeable difference?
  15. Thanks for the response! We are going forward with composite, just a matter of picking brand. Does anyone have experience with Fiberon? We have the option of that or Timbertech. Thankfully we have a tree next to the deck and is only in direct sunlight for a few hours a day during the summers so it shouldn't cook! Contractor did some work for our neighbor and comes highly recommended, wanted to make sure its done right haha
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