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  1. Saturday Club Championship

    Hole number 14 452 yard par 4.  This is normally a bogey or worse.  One of the tougher par 4's. Drive is up hill and if you are in the fairway most likely have a side hill lie.    Approach shot is typically long and downhill to a pretty small green.   Pin was tucked back left on Saturday.  Short in the bunker long bounces into the hazard.   Hit a really good drive for me on this hole, for some reason on of the holes I usually don't drive well.   Approach was 175 downhill into the wind.  Decide to go for the pin, hitting a draw off the side hill lie.     Hit the exact shot I saw in my head, slight draw right at the pin.  Ball end up checking up and spinning back leaving me 37' for birdie.  Missed the put about an inch to the right.   I will take par on this hole all day.


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  2. My Home course is Hobbits Glen Golf Club in Columbia, MD.  I grew up playing this course in the 80' and early 90's.  25 years later I joined back last October. Personally my favorite course in the area.   Various team options.  State Farm Senior open was played here back in the 90's.   I never get bored playing as some of the other courses in the area I considered joining.   If you are ever in the area let me know always happy to have guests play the course.

    Black 7013/Blue 6596/Hybrid 6400/White 6008/Gold 5431/Green 5020   90% of the time I play the Blue tees 






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  3. image.png.995840aaf7805794c9c84a10c58c8396.png


    1st hole #2 Hobbits Glen Par 5-   Normally when I hit a good fade over the trees on the right, I end up going for it and usually end up with a bad result(water, push right into the trees etc) maybe 1 our of 5 ends up on or just short..   Today decided was going to play it smart.   Payed off and sunk a 26' foot putt for the birdie.   Probably haven't learned my lesson and will go for it next time again 🙂


    2nd 16h hole Hobbits Glen Par 3. - This was one of the shots where I did exactly wanted I wanted and had the distance perfect.     Set up or hit a slight fade choose a 7 since pin was back and I knew if I hit it well I could get it back there, but little risk of going over the green.   13' putt for birdie





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  4. I prefer to walk and walk majority off rounds. If I am playing with group where everyone is riding then I will Ride.  Usually playing with co-workers or rounds with occasional friend where it is more social I will ride.  Most rounds i play as a single and join a group, I almost always walk in this case.   

  5. Played my 1st 2 rounds with my arcoss link and sensors. Overall I am happy with how the performed.  2 issues I had are 1) not detecting driver, missed about 80% of my drives. 2) extra puts, but those seem easy enough to fix.  I kept forgetting to mark the flag on a bunch of holes yesterday.

  6. Manage to play 12 holes on Friday and 18 Sunday.    Extremely happy and excited to play a few more rounds and figure out the yardage.  Was long on a bunch of holes just because not use to the distances.    Sunday was windy 10-15 knots with gust to 20 so made it tougher.    Somewhere between 20-30 yards longer per club.  So much better hitting 7,9,W irons into par 3's v's 4 and 6 irons.    The feeling/Sound at impact is drastically different then my Ping Eye 2 Copper beryllium so that will take some getting used to, bunch of shots felt like mishits but were perfect.      Still need the additional wedges to come in and likely will get a hybrid/wood fitting.  My 5 wood is about 40 years old and my 3 wood I just can't hit at all.   So need to fill the void at distances longer then my 5 iron.

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  7. 42 minutes ago, ChitownM2 said:

    start now.  It will get you familiar with the system and get you in the habit of using/checking it to make sure it didn't miss any shots during your round.  The biggest thing is to make sure it picks up at least 1 putt after each hole or it won't automatically advance you to the next hole which can create big problems where you get 4 or 5 holes of data all dumped onto 1 hole.  

    Also, I'm guessing you probably aren't replacing your entire bag so you can start gathering data on the clubs you aren't replacing right away.  You need 4 rounds before Caddie will start giving you data so it's best to get that out of the way as soon as possible.  Once your new clubs arrive, just go into the clubs section, click the dots and "manage clubs".  From there you can un-pair (don't delete) all of the clubs being replaced and then "add new clubs" for all of the new ones.  This will retain your old data for comparison against your new ones.  

    Thanks great advice and correct replacing my irons and wedges. but not woods and putter.

  8. My Arccos sensor and Caddy link arrived last week.  I have new clubs on order, who knows when they will arrive, likely sitting on a container ship off the coast :).  So trying to decide if it is worth it to start with Arccos on my current set or just hold off till the new clubs get here?


    Any thoughts?

  9. My experience with Club Champion continues to get worse.   Daily calls and email telling me how bad of a decision I am making not to go with them and their 43% price over direct.   In addition telling me how going to another fitter was a mistake and the clubs will 1000% not perform as well CCs build.    It is one thing to stand behind your product another to tell the customer they are completely wrong and are wasting money.   The other club fitting was by a local who has been doing it 40 years and only does club fittings.    His tips on my swing and stance alone of improved my iron play greatly with my old clubs.  


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    2 minutes ago, ChiefMikeOfficer said:

    They can get them directly, and they should have given you the option -- sounds like an error by your fitter (judgment on intentional vs. unintentional is up for debate), or if they really don't have the option anymore, then it's a change in their offerings. When I bought my Mizunos from them in 2019, they said they could either get them from Mizuno or order them separately -- cost direct from Mizuno was no different from me ordering them, except they push for upgrades like PURE (pull/pure/reassemble added some cost per iron). That left three options on the table: "Same price as Mizuno", "+$300 for direct plus retro-PURE", or "+$600 to get shafts through CC" (rough estimates - I don't remember the actual figures). I chose option 2, and have no idea if it actually made a difference 🤷‍♂️

    They only provide me 2 options 1. With pure, 2. without pure.   I repeatedly explained    that I didn't understand the pricing compared to ordering direct.   The Salesperson "fitter" has just kept pushing that this is the best price, and the clubs will be exact and he guarantees results.      I have decide to order Mizunos through the local fitter, just the swing adjustment he provide me have improved my game.  Looking forward to getting the clubs in 8-10 weeks. 

  11. Understand.   I found a local top 100 fitter and builder who was able to provide clubs at approx $300 over the cost direct from the manufacturer.  Much more reasonable.   The issue with Club Champion is they said they don't buy the shafts from Titleist and order them separate. If that is the case no way are they paying the full price for the shaft+ heads.    In addition all of their marketing says they charge the same price as you could buy elsewhere.  The mistake my fitter made was not checking that this was a stock shaft.  My understanding is they try to avoid providing you a set up you can price shop.    

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  12. 16 hours ago, RickyBobby_PR said:

    The quote more than likely has a fee per shaft for flowing/spineing the shafts. Plus their build fee 

    This was before the "puring Fee"  Regardless it is a stock club from Titleist charging a build fee of $90 per club seems excessive.  

    1. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score?  I have been playing golf for 39 years on and off.  Currently a 16 handicap but have been as low as an 8. Now that the kids are grown looking to get that back down closer to 10.

    2. What do you love about golf?  Love that it is you against the course.   That no matter how bad you play there is always that one shot or putt that keeps you coming back. 

    3. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies?  Just found it doing a search about club fitting. 

    4. Where are you from? What is your home course?  Live in Elkridge, Md in Howard county.  Planning on joining Hobbits Glen this week so that will be my home course.  This summer have been playing various courses (Timbers, Rolling Road, Eisenhower, Caves Valley, Balley Hack and a few others)

    5. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region?  To cold in the winter!!!

    6. What do you do for a living?  Finance Executive for a public company in the DC area.

    7. How’d you pick your user name? Name I use on most sites.

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  13. Recently had a fitting with Club champion and while the fitting was a good experience the pricing wasn't.  They fitted my in to the new Titleist t-200 being released at the end of the month with Project X shafts.  What the fitter didn't' realize is these shafts are available as stock from Titleist.    They quoted be $2,500 in total and I can get the same exact clubs for $1,600 ordering direct.  I don't buy a $900 markup because they are going to build the clubs.    I found another local fitter that was actually a better experience and while didn't end up with the t-200s.  His pricing was only $250 more then the manufacture which I found reasonable.

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