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  1. Just arrived. 85g X Stiff for the fairway!
  2. Even as a highish handicapper, I play the crap out of my 60*….albeit for very specific shots. It’s really a 20 yard and in club at most; for short flop shots. And even then, it has to be from a decent lie. But short fairway, on an approach that just didn’t quite make it…it’s money. it’s probably the other wedges in the bag I need to adjust a bit. I’ve got a 60…then 54. Probably need to trade that out for a 56 here at some point
  3. Great to hear! I like you, start almost all my testing based on MGS data. Saves a ton of time narrowing down options before I start trying stuff out or schedule a fitting i was a guy that tossed the 3W out of the bag because I never could hit my old one well. Found a dynamite 5W…but what I learned about fitting and shafts during that process has me really reconsidering giving one a try and possible adding back to the bag.
  4. Right. I did that wedge fit. Was surprised it didn’t recommend (upsell) a shaft
  5. Need to replace an aging 60 that’s lost a lot of spin, lands where I want snd them rolls out a bit too far these days likely with a Vokey SM8 60.08. I’m a sweeper. Like to pick the ball straight up and put it down and stop. head and grind behind me…what should I be looking for in shafts?
  6. I’ve been wondering about adding a stronger hybrid the last couple days. But it’s had for me to imagine hitting that anything close to as well as I have the 5W and 5H the last week. Is it wise at all to chase 15-20 extra yards on maybe 1-2 holes a week at the risk of something you aren’t nearly as consistent with?
  7. 5 Wood was 100% the right call. Hitting the s*** out of it and 1000% more consistent than my 3W ever was
  8. Also, for as often as I play, I’m almost brand new to actually attempting to score well when I play. The feedback and input here has been extremely helpful. I wanted to make sure to say Thank You for those that have routinely taken time to offer that feedback and insight.
  9. I was incredibly pleased with the left to right dispersion; but less confident in the distance dispersion with the Hybrid. I carded an eagle yesterday with it sticking the second shot from 200-ish. But the last hole I was 210 out and flew the green by 15 yards. My irons are usually really consistent re distance. I’m guessing that’s something that likely comes with a few more rounds with it in the bag.
  10. Feedback here has been extremely helpful. Wanted to provide an update and ask another question. 5 Wood had another dynamite day on the course; last two rounds have been the lowest scores of the season. Couldn’t be happier with mew additions to the bag. 5W has been consistently between 220-235 yards with the heavier (loaner from a friend) shaft in. Today was first day on the course with the TSi2 5 Hybrid. The intent here was for something on long Par 3’s and more difficult lies. Absolutely delivered today in both categories. Even had an Eagle where I stuck the Hybrid about 15 ft from the pin. This is going to be sort of an odd comment…but I almost feel like there isn’t quite enough gap between the two though. The Hybrid was 210-ish on a couple shots. Given the difference in the ball flights, I’m thinking the similarity isn’t the biggest issue. But I’m almost tempted to either loft the Hybrid up…or add another hybrid??? It’s already a 24* and it almost feels absurd to go for another
  11. Well…I was so happy with the Driver, u picked up a TSi2 5W this week and also have a Hybrid delivering today as well.
  12. I got fitted in to a TSi2 with a 75g stiff Tensei White. 10* head, turned down to 9.25 and .75* upright. I went in thinking the HZRDUS Smoke was going to be the fit, but that thing just came alive when we switched to the Tensei. Three rounds in, and this thing has been everything I hoped for and then some. Fairway Hit is up 12% over previous average…and the big misses have dropped precipitously. I went in to this looking for more consistency; more fairways and fewer lost strokes due to OB shots. 100% achieved. I had no expectation or real need for additional distance…but this has been a pleasant surprise. My old gamer won plenty of long drive prizes in scrambles over the years, so anything on distance was just icing on the cake. But the ones that are hit “on the screws” with this are probably 15-20 yards longer. I'm one of those that probably steered away from Titleist products over the years due to a belief they were for better players than me. I probably have the MGS MW to thank for getting me to consider this club in the first place. But couldn’t be more pleased with the purchase. In unrelated news, I've spent probably a lot more time than I’m comfortable admitting about a couple holes I play semi-regularly where I consistently lay up….where I’m starting to think about trying to carry a Creek or Pond all the sudden.
  13. Was fitted in to a TSi2 w/ a Stiff 75g Tensei White (not Pro) this summer and it has been a MONTSTER for me. Been absolutely blown away at how many of the big misses it's eliminated. Couldn't be happier. Being so thrilled with the TSi2, I snagged a 5 wood this week. Came with a 70g HZRDUS Smoke RDX shaft in it, that I knew was too light when I bought it, but couldn't pass up a great deal. So looking at new shaft for it, I'm wondering if I just go ahead and find a Tensei White for this thing too; which seems to be much harder to come by in the 80-90 gram range. Or do I just put the heavier version of the HZRDUS RDX in this thing? First round with it yesterday, I hit a couple shots that were WAY longer than I was expecting out of a 5 wood. WAY longer. But also had one BIG miss that reminded me of my old driver set-up prior to the TSi2. How common is it to match shafts between all the woods?
  14. Today was the first round with the new 5W in the bag. I still want to get a slightly heavier shaft in it, but I had a couple beautiful shots that really surprised me. I’ll say this, I am absolutely smitten with the new Titleist TSi2 line.
  15. The shafts in the existing clubs were without question too light. even the last 12 hours, I’m trying to shop for a heavier shaft in the new fairway wood…and I can’t find anything without spending more on a shaft than I did the club
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