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  1. Gonna be sad to let these go, but they deserve to be with someone who will actually use them. I’ve hit them very little, so there will be extremely light face wear throughout the set. $500 shipped to the lower 48 MP14 4-Pw with C Taper Lite Stiff Refinished by the Iron Factory Z cord standard grips Specs are: 37.5” 6i, lofts off 46* Pw, and lies are 1* flat
  2. $1000 shipped FIRM (West of MS add $10) - No Trades - Standard Specs off the rack - Project X LZ 6.0 120g - 4-PW - Shipped via FedEx to lower 48 - Pics of faces are of 7i/9i (no other clubs have been hit) The last of my spare iron sets is up for grabs. Only the 7iron and 9iron have seen a ball (7 shots and 12 shots, respectively). The rest of the irons have not been hit, and show extremely light wear from being out of the plastic.
  3. Got these and used for two rounds before deciding to stick with my Miura. Price is $650 shipped via FedEx to lower 48. PayPal G&S only. Standard specs - 37.5” 6iron KBS Tour 90 Stiff Flex CP2 Pro Wrap Grips
  4. Price is shipped to the lower 48 through FedEx. No trades. $750 shipped or best reasonable cash offer (PayPal G&S) P7MC Heads 4-PW - Not sure on lie, but standard loft - Pretty clean condition with very light use shown
  5. Was really hoping this thing would work out, but unfortunately not for me. Nothing will ever unseat my Kingston. MINT CONDITION! SWAG Feels Good 303 Handsome One - $500 shipped (PayPal Goods and Services Only) - 34 inch - Lamkin Putter Grip - Comes with Swag headcover - Only “blemish” is that the shaft label is peeling
  6. Second kiddo on the way, so going to start offloading some stuff that I don't use now, and surely wont use in the next seven months. Please let me know if you have any questions at all. I am a first time seller on MSG, but have great historical feedback on WRX and Ebay (username: caeye0710). Unfortunately can't do any trades at this time. Pricing includes FedEx Insured shipping to the lower 48. Will ship out during the afternoon (by 5pm EST) on Friday 8/13 Ping i210 4-PW - $880 shipped - Oban CT 100g Stiff (Pured) - these shafts were I believe a $75 or $80 upgrade as I'm sure most of you know - BRAND NEW Z Chord Standard Grips (Double wrap on the right hand only) - Iron heads are black dot, but built by Club Champion and the lies are 1* upright from Ping Standard. The irons have about 10 rounds on them, so could have possibly moved a bit - Standard Loft (Ping specs are off a 46* PW) - Standard Length - 37.5" 6iron - Overall in what I would call great condition besides a ding on the 6i sole (noted in pictures) and some light chatter throughout the set. I live in the Sandhills of North Carolina, so throughout the set you will see some light scratching on the face from my warm up sessions on the driving range, as the turf is typically "sandy" to say the least. - The pictures of the faces shown are the 9i and PW which show the most wear
  7. @bens197 definitely made a ton of good points. I also didn't mean for my post to make it sound like I was insinuating that golf shouldn't be subject to inflation. The point of my story is at that some point, it's gotta get to where it's too crazy, right? We might be all be 95 years old and barely reminiscing on the days of when we could actually go to the bathroom on our own, much less play golf and complain about the price of a new gap wedge. Speaking of college tuition, my first kid will be going into her freshman year in 15 years, so I doubt I'll be buying many golf clubs at that time anyways. According to Vanguard and some other reports, 4 years of in-state school is forecasted to cost $50,000 per year by 2034. Anyone know of a place where I can donate a kidney?
  8. First time MGS poster here after spending years at another forum site, also a "Certified Club Junkie" I was just going some research on the MG3 being released early next month. IMO, what a sharp looking wedge! I've admittedly been a Vokey guy my entire life, so doubt I'll be making a move considering my SM8's are waiting for their first round (just swapped new ones in after a year with my first set of SM8). While looking at the MSRP for the new MG3 ($179 for stock options), it got me thinking: Are OEM's going completely off the rails with prices on new equipment? I don't remember which model it was, but I remember that I could walk in to a shop and get three new wedges for $327 plus tax ($109 MSRP). It's gotten to the point where buying three new TM wedges would be $578 after tax here in NC (NEARLY $600!). Let me add to that by saying: I understand. Over time, costs related to materials and shipping increase. One can argue that even production costs increase, although as a Process Improvement Consultant in the Manufacturing industry for close to a decade, I don't know if that rings true as much as we think it does due to the automation process nowadays (although I'll admit there has to be some merit to it). Doesn't mean I'm an expert in the Behind-The-Scenes production of golf equipment, but a lot of my clients have remained stagnant in their production process over the years due to robotics and automation processes, so I would think it would ring somewhat true to golf equipment OEMs. Back to the topic: Are we getting to a point where it's going to eventually be too expensive to get the latest and greatest equipment? In 2004, Drivers hit a $500 MSRP for the first time (TM R7, Titleist 905 Series, etc.). The R7 was the first driver to be listed at $500 (I think) and I recall people throwing a fit. Titleist quickly followed suit on the 905 series, although I specifically remember our Titleist rep at my club back then mentioned that the initial MSRP was going to be $409 until TM came to market and announced the R7 at a higher price point. Nowadays, $550+ is the norm. Over 17 years that difference doesn't add up to much, but what happens in another 15 years? Stock drivers listed at $800? Stock FW's at $500? Iron sets off the rack at $2,000? Wedges at $200 a piece? Putters (too many variables here honestly, but let's say $400 average) That means if you want to revamp an entire bag, you'll be dropping somewhere in the neighborhood of $4,300 if you stick to stock options and don't get fitted for upgraded shafts and specs. Maybe I'm just completely off base here and my opinion is wrong, but I'd be curious to here what some of you folks think. Feel free to roast me if I sound like an idiot
  9. I'm in Sanford about 5 minutes from Tobacco Road. I would say I'd love to get together and play, but chasing around a 3-year old makes it tough for me to get out.
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