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  1. This is something I wonder about a lot. When I first got the blast motion device I spent a lot of time getting the face square at impact and became very proficient at it. My putting suffered a lot. I was making a lot of unnatural, and incorrect I’m almost certain, manipulations to get it square. I also lost all feel for distance because everything was so robotic. I stopped using the blast motion for a good while. Lately I’ve been trying to use it again but without making any big fundamental changes to my stroke, as I am a fairly good putter (for a 3.5 handicap golfer anyways). also, while I may have sounded resistant to changing putters, I really am not. I have a ton of different putters and have bought and sold a bunch more over the past two years. Lately I have been trying to commit to the one that feels best (Seemore Nashville mfpg1 with Garsen ultimate grip). The less offset a putter has, the better my ability to aim it. I think it relates to my cross dominant eyes but I have seen that others have the opposite experience and are cross dominant but like a plumbers neck or something with offset. Center shaft or slightly off center shafted putters with zero offset seem to be the best and short slant or flownecks also work well. I prefer blades or mid mallets. The squareness/ sharpness of the toe of blades seems to help me aim. I’ve had success with a variety of different toe hangs. Right now I’m using a full toe hang but I’ve also pitted well with face balanced and everything in between the two. The only class of putter I can think of that I have not tried are the torque balanced ones. The l.a.b. Ones appeal to me most because of the no offset, but the aesthetics of the putters do not do a lot for me. The Mezz definitely looks better and I would like to demo one, but I like the square toe on my Seemore and my Scotty 2.6, so maybe the blad.1 would be better. If there is another putter you would suggest I’m definitely interested, but I feel like I’ve tried most everything. Full disclosure, I’m not sure that release is the culprit of the not square face. I’m also not so sure that it is an issue at all, the more I think about it. My efforts may be better spent practicing other things trather than chasing numbers. Anyways, thank you for your detailed responses. I appreciate them, and a lot of good suggestions!
  2. I have. It was interesting. It showed me more about tempo and rhythm. The positions were more or less what I expected but the way it looked overall was definitely not done as nicely as it feels when I stroke the putts.
  3. I’m always very careful to line up square. I check myself regularly with a mirror. I use a line on the ball and make sure that everything is square to the line, which helps dramatically. Those are definitely good tips which help me a lot. Honestly I may have overstated the issue. I’ve just had a lot of time to use the blast motion sensor and am finding the face is slightly open.
  4. Good tips that have definitely helped me. I do use an alignment mirror when practicing. Not being concerned with the results, or at least loosening up and thinking that way,has been a game changer especially on the 4-5 footers.
  5. 1. Perhaps “see” the line is the wrong term, but I definitely see the way the putter aims at the line better with center shaft. My eyes are cross dominant and perhaps that plays a role. The zero offset, full toe hang seems to be a good fit for me. 2. I’m a decent putter but would like to be better. It seems making improvements to my mechanics is a good place to start. 3. I have one of almost every putter hosel. There is probably 15 or so putters lined up in my hallway where I putt. I don’t need a major change. Just would like to get my face within 1 degree of square nearly every time. I’m not that far off. I don’t want a putter that is more closed at address I just need to get better at returning it to square. I really appreciate the suggestions but I don’t believe the solution is yet another putter. I think I just need to work on returning the putter face to square better and I think releasing the putter more will help do that. I could be wrong that the release is the culprit and perhaps there is another issue with my stroke. Perhaps there is no issue at all aas my numbers are not bad, just not as good as I would like.
  6. I’ve been snowed in and unable to play golf for the last few weeks and have been doing a lot of indoors putting. I’ve been using blast motion to get some data on my stroke. I am, and have been anytime it is measured, leaving the face open at impact. I believe it has to do with me not releasing the putter enough through impact. I am a fairly decent putter, but it is an area that I would like to continue to improve. I made a lot of improvement when I started using a Seemore center shaft putter. My eyes are cross dominant and for whatever reason I seem to see the lines much better with the center shaft putters. The one I am currently using has full toe hang. What drills or thoughts have you guys used to release the putter more? I’ve done some one hand work and had the swing thought of “draw” while putting and both have helped some. Thinking draw helps my numbers a lot but it does not feel good and it would take a long time for me to be confident using that feel on the course. Letting gravity play a larger role in the forward stroke has helped some, and is something I have been working on before I started worrying about my face angle at impact. I’ve also played around with grips a little and a grip similar to Abraham Anser’s (overlap grip with hands almost on top of each other, kinda of a double overlap) seems to help me release it better but feels considerably less secure than my normal reverse overlap grip. anyways, any tips are appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I don’t think anyone would suggest you think about that sort of thing while playing a round. I try to work on it when practicing and the results eventually start to show up in actual rounds. Shortening my through stroke has definitely been beneficial for me. My through stroke used to be longer than my backstroke, which is something you very rarely see from plus handicap golfers. It is a hard habit to break and the shorter follow through feels like a jab if Im putting bad. When it smoothies out and I make a good putt it definitely gives me better results when I implement around a 60-40 backstroke to through stroke. For me the key is to have what Stan utley refers to as “dead weight” or Pat Obrien talks about letting gravity do the work. I was taught to putt with the idea that the clutter head should stay low to the ground in the backstroke and through stroke. I had to retrain my thoughts to allowing it to naturally rise up 8n the backswing so gravity can give a major assist on the downswing. I also had to get the idea of accelerating through the ball out of my head. So many people talk about how you need to accelerate and never decelerate, and people take it to crazy extremes where they are taking almost no backswing and then jamming it forward. For me, thinking about the forward stroke as being gravity driven and not any more accelerated than the backstroke, has yielded better results. Full disclosure, I’m not an expert putter or great player. I’m playing off 3.5ish so I don’t suck, but am far from being really good. My putting has really improved by making changes that resulted in a shorter follow through. The changes are what was key though, not the shorter follow through. I tried to simply shorten my follow through when I first heard it suggested. That was a disaster. Later on when I made the changes I mentioned above, along with some others, the follow through naturally shortened and my putting improved.
  8. Right handed left eye dominant and I had a very hard time lining up a putter until I went to a center shaft putter. Zero offset just seems to help me see the line better. I’m actually curious about trying to build a putter with negative offset (I know some exist but am not blown away by any of the existing models). Going to a center shaft putter has really helped my game.
  9. Not the first time he has come under fire for exaggerating the “hand made/hand milled” claims. Also not the first time I’ve heard someone say he is difficult to work with…
  10. It’s a fairly common idea. Stan utley and many others want a shorter forward stroke.
  11. I don’t think that is really true, even though they do work well for SBST. For instance, Seemore suggest a natural arc with their putters. Most of the Seemores have a decent amount of toe hang and that lends itself to an arc. The face balanced ones seem better for SBST (or as close as anyone can get to it since it is almost impossible to actually accomplish). I guess what I’m trying to say is that not all cs are created equal and many of the ones with toe hang work quite well with a decent amount of arc.
  12. I went to center shaft putters a few months ago and it has been a game changer. I have a much easier time aligning and seeing the line with them. My eyes are cross dominant and I think that players a big role in why this is the case. Seemore is what I settled on and the rst tech really does help you set up consistently. Paired with a garsen quad tour grip I am really rolling it well! Center shaft putters seem to be love ‘em or hate ‘em though so you need to try one and see how it goes. If you like the look and are aligning well then they are likely to help. I’ve also picked up a spider tour, strokes gained and odyssey 7 center shaft and like them all, but none as much as the two Seemores. They really just simplify things and remove a few variables…
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