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  1. For years I fought a slice until I started using this swing thought for the downswing; “backhand the first baseman. “ This help promote an in to out path and releasing the club.
  2. I can only speak of what I know from personal observations. I have belonged to a Golf Club for close to twenty years and managed a league about the same length of time. The primary complaint I hear every year is slow play. It's the topic that comes up again and again. The course we play is relatively short however, very unforgiving; tight fairways, long rough, and pretend sand traps (dead pan). The course lay out is the predominate reason for slow play. However, there are also other factors, my wife and I routinely walk the course is less than four hours during non-peak times. We are both high handicappers 17 and 21 and in our sixties. We play ready golf, take extra balls, and don't worry about well hidden balls, we think lateral hazard and move on. In the same light the General Manager of club does not see slow play as an issue, does not have a course Marshall and only uses a starter on weekends. The league has been loosing members steady the past few years, slow play is not the only reason for the decline. However, it is has been a significant reason. I believe slow play is a symptom, not a cause. This year I'm moving the league to another course.
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