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  1. Mazda CX-9 has cutouts in the back to fit the bag and long driver across the back. Probably lots of room for a few bags if you fold down the seats.
  2. I buy OnCore golf balls. I've been using Elixir which is a reasonably priced ball with good distance and spin. They also have Vero which is a little pricier, and quite honestly I'm not sure how much better it plays. I buy them online and get frequent offers of free shipping or multiple dozen for a reduced price. I'm very happy with the company and the balls. https://www.oncoregolf.com
  3. @WildthingI've just discovered this feel that started with "pressure on the handle" trying to get more shaft lean, hands ahead, etc. This led to awareness of needing handle pressure at the top as I started the downswing. This explanation you give is perfect for explaining what I'm feeling in my swing that is giving me unbelievable results in accuracy and distance. It also reminded me of the "pulling the arrow out of the quiver" feel I never related to until NOW. Of course squaring and delofting the face is a matter of performing any number of feels as you start down too e.g. Hogan Roll, right thumb pressure on the left thumb, turning your right palm down towards the ball, turning the shaft down, turning the thumbs down, etc etc. Thank you again for your explanation. richardwstevens@me.com From Wildthing: Been looking at the physics of the swing for a few years now and things have changed . I first though that the sudden change in the hand path caused the increase in clubhead speed but its just an enabler to create tension in the shaft. In fact , its the pull on the club that creates the clubhead speed (Duh!) . What's really happening in simplistic terms is the clubhead is made to move in one direction (ie. hands start it down and outwards away from the target) but then the hands start moving in another direction (down and out targetwards), this creates tension in the club and pulls at the clubhead (ie. centre of mass) accelerating it . This increased tension in the shaft also pulls on the hands/arms slowing it , therefore there is an exchange of energy from the arms to the club (the hands acting as a conduit). But obviously , there is no point just creating speed , one has to ensure the club orbits around the wrists so the alignment of the club in space becomes more vertical so that the clubface can hit the ball. So you have to ensure your hands go up and allow the wrists to uncock and your forearms to swivel enough to get the clubface on the ball. So basically the increased speed is due to the actual pull/push on the club , while that acute change in hand path does assist in increasing tension in the shaft and a pull force on the clubhead but it also has to move in such a way as to redirect that clubface to the ball . Hope this makes sense. So maybe a good thought to create speed is to pull the club along the the line of the shaft , create as much curvilinear speed as possible before changing your hands direction (to increase the speed even more) before allowing your wrists to uncock and your forearms to swivel and square the clubface. Edited August 30, 2020 by Wildthing
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