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  1. I have a 98 mph driver swing speed and just switched to the Tour BX in the last couple of months after trialling it alongside the Tour BXS. I generally prefer a firmer ball as I can get the level of control / spin I like on greenside chips so I didn't consider the 2 BR models (I previously used the Inesis Tour 900). I preferred the feel of the BX on chips as the BXS felt too spinny on chips and seemed to spin up too much off the driver off the driver losing a little distance compared to the BX. Both were significantly longer than than my previous ball. After settling on the BX I've picked up 20 yards on my drives and I'm still trying to work out how much extra carry I'm getting with my irons (probably about 5 yards) but am able to hold greens better than before. I generally have quite a steep swing but low ball flight and the BX didn't seem to climb as much as the BXS. I was uncomfortable with how much the BXS climbed. It's a good idea to review the MGS Ball Test 2021 data but, as previous posters said, get sleeves and the balls and test them yourself. In the UK I can get BX and BXS in 'Corporate Colours' for £28.50/dozen for 2 or more units. For comparison Inesis Tour 900 were £25.00/dozen and can get Prov1's for £43.00/dozen. I'm really happy with the performance for the price. Hope this helps.
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