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  1. Thank you. What I would really like to try is running two weights on the TSi3. I have mine with the standard weight in the neutral setting, but would like to see how it performs with 1 in the H1 slot and 1 in the T1 slot. Or if I'm slicing/fading, putting 2 on the heel side. I feel like the head is light enough to add a weight and mess around with it. The TSi3 adjustability is unbeatable. I just have no idea how to get my hands on an extra weight I've seen some on eBay and others that are compatible, but trying to get the exact ones from Titleist.
  2. Hey GaDawg, I wanted to get back to you on the Tour Edge C721 Hybrid. I use the 3i 19*, and I've been really enjoying it. I've played 5-6 rounds with it and it has definitely been my go-to for reachable par 5's, shorter par 4's, and long par 3's. I look to use it as much as I can, haha! I carry it 220-230 and has been giving me a reliable mid-high trajectory with fluffy landing to hold some greens. Workability is subtle, and the mishits still travel a good distance and not too far off line. I feel it has been most beneficial when I'm not striking the driver well or if a mishit with driver will get me in too much trouble (OB right, fairway bunkers, etc). The C721 gives me confidence to aggressively stripe the fairway, leaving me with a mid-to-short iron into the green. And if I got a downhill fairway to roll down, even better. I bought it gently-used at my local Roger Dunn shop for $179+tax, with the stock Lamkin grip and RDX 6.0 shaft. Also tested the TSi2, Mizuno CLK, and Ping G425. I was getting the most consistency on the monitor from the C721 and felt I didn't need to try too hard to hit it good. Just a solid feel, good looks, and - in my opinion - best value hybrid on the market. It has a spot in my bag for years to come.
  3. When I went to the iron fitting, I made it clear I wanted the MP-20 MB's. I was gushing over them for a long time and in need of a new set. I had been playing Cobra Carbon CB's for over a decade. The lofts were the same and the shape/offset were also similar. We used the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer to choose the best shaft. I was pure-ing a lot of shots on the monitor, but after gaming them, it was a different story on the course. REALLY enjoyed the pure shots, but the bad ones were killer. I skipped a second fitting and went straight for the 921 Tour. I did try the MMC's (very nice), 921 Forged, and 921 Hot Metal, but they did feel somewhat bulky and uncomfortable for me. I've taken the 921 Tour's out 4 times now and I'm really liking them, still getting punished on the mishits, just not as bad as the MP-20. My distances have gone down a bit, and my spin has kicked up a little too much. I'm going to play them for another couple months, then considering a Golftec visit for a more ideal set if they don't work out. I would definitely check out the MMC's again. Great feel and a slimmer look at address, forgiving and long. I would probably gravitate toward that or the 921 Hot Metal Pro.
  4. Is there a doctor in the house??! I have a full (grade 3) AC joint shoulder separation that I suffered from a bicycle accident about 7 years ago. It was never very painful, just a feeling of weakness or dead arm when it happened. I stayed away from work for only about 3 weeks before jumping back into my usual chef duties, which could be arduous. Years later, I relate this injury to golf and how it could possibly affect my game. My right shoulder (I am right-handed) sits a little lower than my left and have thought about how this could affect the way I release the club through impact. More recently, I have found myself playing at least one round every weekend, and hitting the range 2-3 times a week (large buckets, 100 balls). I would wake up a few mornings with my right shoulder feeling weak/sluggish, with a little more friction in the joint that I could even hear. I decided to sit out golf activities for a couple weeks. Part of taking the break was that I was having a lot more trouble with my ball flight, missing right with too much fade and having even more difficulty with shaping a draw or exaggerated hook. Just want to know if anybody else has had similar experiences and what you did to cope with discomfort or if you had to adjust your whole swing. I know my knees are also not in the best shape and expect them to have some sort of issue next . Really would like to hear what kind of ailments my fellow spies work through on the daily.
  5. I have only a small group of golfing buds, just enough to make a 4-some every weekend if someone sits out. But most of my extended friend group are non-golfers. We're all in our mid-to-late 30's and I would say the general feeling about picking up golf as a hobby are that it is "too expensive", "too dificult", and "takes too long". These guys have young toddlers and find it hard to leave for 4-5hrs, or even take the time to practice. I'm ALL for growing the game. Golf was an elitist sport for generations before already. By saying "Shrink the Game" carries a non-inclusive sentiment that already shrouded it for too long. More with "Educate the Game", I definitely feel that new/struggling golfers should know their "lane" and stay off the longer, difficult courses and stick to the Par-3's or 9-holes.
  6. That throwback bag is awesome! How fun would it be to have some kind of Throwback League?! I used to play with those 588 Cleveland wedges before buying a pair of SM7's about a year ago. I found them at a thrift shop and threw them in the bag. Solid wedges! Very fun idea for a Sunday bag. Thanks for that.
  7. Sup dudes! Just recently had a complete bag makeover (except putter :P). I can't even express how grateful I am for new tech and the help it makes on the course. A lot of my choices were influenced thanks to MGS! Top of the bag, I have the TSi3 driver at 9* with a Tensei white, and a TSi2 15* fairway, also Tensei white. Just picked up the Most Wanted Hybrid Tour Edge C721! Get to play tomorrow and test drive. Also picked up my JPX921 Tour's. I was trying to make the MP-20 MB's work for me, and the long irons were just not working out. No matter how much time I spent at the range, the 4i and 5i would not draw AT ALL for me. I was fitted with the KBS $-Taper 120g using the Shaft Optimizer at my local Roger Dunn shop. When I made the exchange, I did not go through the fitting process again. Very excited to take these new irons out tomorrow. On the wedges, playing a SM8 50* and SM7's on 54* and 60*. The 60* is at 12 bounce and 54* at 8. 54 is my go to for shots around the green, unless I'm in heavy rough, I'll go for the higher bounced 60*. Also have recently started getting more comfortable using my PW for lower running chips. The putter has been in the bag for about 13 years. It was a Hot List gold/Club Test winner and just picked it up off the rack as a senior in high school. Just recently swapped the grip. Have never been putter fitted, but starting to think it might be a good idea to help bring the handicap down. Very honored to join the forums, and hope to one day get out on the course with some fellow spies. Cheers!
  8. Been wanting to give this a try also. Not sure how to go about getting weights though. They're not available on Titleist.com and not sure I feel comfortable ordering from Amazon or Ebay. Any idea where to buy the weights, and making sure they're the same weights that come with the driver? -Dave
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