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  1. Iomic 2.3 sticky ribbed. Regular or non- ribbed for 56’ & 60’ wedges. These grips are great. They stay tacky , don’t shred your hands and you don’t have to replace them for quite some time as long as you wipe them down every now and then. They offer several colors, a 1.8 for those with smaller hands as well as some mid size offerings. I’ve tried a lot of grips but keep coming back to Iomic. They don’t disappoint.
  2. I did not listen to the podcast but to answer the question on whether fittings should be free…the answer is it depends. As a part time fitter, I’ve done hundreds of fittings at private clubs where there is no cost to the members. Although there’s no guarantee of sales, It’s rare we don’t sell thousands of dollars in equipment and it benefits the host club as all sales go through their account. Often times the pro-shop will offer a discount if purchases are made on those days. Fittings done at a Truespec, Club Champion, etc…you’re paying for a fitting from a trained fitter who typically knows what they’re talking about. You’re paying someone for their expertise. If someone has an issue paying for a fitting, these places are not for them. I would recommend they going to a big box store that carries inventory. They can hit the newest product in more of a demo day setting, where they can get help from a staff member who may or may not know what they’re talking about. If you’re going to go that route, you usually can make an appointment to get fitted for a fee $30-$100 depending on where you go and often they will give you 30-45 day To put that towards a purchase. If this is a yes or no question, my answer would be no…fittings should not be free. That’s what demo days are for.
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