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  1. I've been one of the jacked-loft villains on this forum. The young ones are sick of hearing it, but I don't think they're really hearing it it. I don't want them to change the way they're making the modern clubs. I'm not an engineer nor a master clubmaker. I just wish that they wouldn't use a numbering system adopted at the end of the hickory shaft era on modern clubs that are at minimum two-clubs stronger at the same number stamping. The Louisville Golf Precision Series 2-iron has 24º loft. The driving iron has 20º loft. The Titleist T100S 4-iron has only 22º loft. They know what they're doing, but do they know what they're stamping?
  2. Non-conforming is the whole point. It can't be non-conforming enough. I want to be able to back up the ball on the asphalt parking lot. I'm obviously not trying to qualify for the US Senior Amateur, but my facetiousness was clearly not sufficiently obvious either! /
  3. I no longer play often enough to justify the expense of my membership, but it's hard to completely give up on a game that you've played for so many decades. My game will never again be what it was. It's physically impossible. Thinking of myself as a former player, however, is almost like thinking of myself as formerly being alive. Thus, I show up at the club every so often for breakfast, and if there's a game to be had, I drag my ass out there. I suppose that I'll have all eternity to rest soon enough! Too bad about Ben Hogan Golf, by the way. That brand revival has had buzzard's luck. Here's a quick edit. Don't pay any attention to that nine handicap anymore.
  4. Went for an MRI this morning. I hate those so much. I feel like a cartridge in a rifle chamber. They played Sinatra to calm me down. Last time they played Coltrane and it only got me agitated.
  5. My non-urethane is the Penfold Hearts ball. There's no practical reason for it, however, It's just for the caché. My regular ball is the Pro V1x. Boston Sal imprint, ball #79 model. There's no practical reason for that, either, except with the ubiquitous Titleist, you just don't think about the ball.
  6. My game has been atrocious thus far this spring. I can't get loose. I'm sore all over. After sixty years on the course, I may finally be done. But I'm paid up for the year, so I'm still trying. Lately, though, I've enjoyed the meeting up early for breakfast more than the actual playing. Maybe some seriously hot weather will get me going. I've always played my best on the scorchers. Too soon to throw in the towel, but late enough to have to think about it.
  7. I find that mixed brand equipment is more common that a unified brand throughout.
  8. I won't. Audio equipment was something we loved as kids back in the sixties. I've got huge JBLs powered by a Mac MC275 right now, but modern people listen to digital files on their telephones. Sad.
  9. If you use your club's bag room, they'll clean the clubs every time they put them away for you.
  10. I have a few pair, but they're all identical. Classic Blues Brothers Ray Bans ground to my progressive lens prescription. That's what goes best with suits and hats, from what I can see.
  11. I was recently listening to some Ampex reel-to-reel tapes of band practices from the late sixties and early seventies. I was surprised to find them still playable. We had a ten-piece band formatted as follows:
  12. If I had sold my 1997 Spalding Top Flite Titanium Intimidator 400 fairway woods, I'd have never been able to put them back in the bag where they are now. The 9-wood, stamped as 29°, can take one all the way down to a modern, GI model 8-iron! The latter are down to about 33° now, right? I've also got the 7 at 25°, the 5 at 21°, and the 3 at 16°. The 3 can be replaced by something more modern for maximum distance from the Hail Mary fairway club. The 5, 7, and 9, however, are still money a quarter century later. I'm not even thinking of replacing them. I'm screwed if a shaft breaks, however, because the Fenwick shafts are a non-standard diameter tip and no longer available.
  13. I was thinking of starting a My Space account, but couldn't figure out how. Tech is a problem for me. I've heard a lot of crticism of social media platforms lately, but nobody seems to be complaing about My Space. It must be the one to use.
  14. The Iron Factory will do it. I admit, howver, that there are few reasons to rebuild clubs that are ten or fiften year old. There are plenty of reasons to rebuild clubs that are twenty-five or thirty years old, however, because they are genuinely different. If you like them, they're worth rebuilding. I had an exception, however. Titleist had an L Grind 58-04 wedge from the very beginning of the Spin-Milled series, It was left out of the recent SM8/SM9 lines, however, making it worth my while to have an SM6 rebuilt.
  15. Great review, Rev! Give me a heads up when you review the Titleist Howitzer. I'd be curious to know if you like it as much as I do.
  16. I honestly don't know. I keep two or three balls in my pocket, usually, and I play whichever one I grab at the tee. They all have the same custom ball number with my name printed rather than a sharpie marking, so I usually can't tell them apart.
  17. I think I'd feel better if Spalding were actually making the balls rather than licensing the name. Callaway has taken over their Massachusetts ball making factory, however.
  18. I rethink this thread every time it comes up. Where I am right now, it would be hard to think of what I could possibly do to improve my setup. It's off the beaten track, but it fits my game perfectly. The one possible exception is my longest of several fairway woods. The longest fairway wood is the "Hail Mary" club where maximum available distance matters. I don't have a thing to complain about the club that I'm using now, but many years of advanced technology could probably provide more raw distance from that position in the bag. I replaced six clubs last season because I missed all of the 2020 season and was just excited to both play again and to, I guess, buy something. The six Titleist T-Series irons have worked out fine in the few rounds they were played and I've no regrets about that. I've also had my lob wedge entirely rebuilt because the manufacturer removed that model from the most recent two generations of that line. Thus I won't be buying a new lob wedge. My putter is light years off the beaten track but really fits a new putting style I adopted last season. If I go back to the old method, I'll probably go back to the face balanced mallet, but I've already got a few of them. So, as of my present thoughts, nothing but a possible new 4-wood.
  19. I strongly suspect that most hitters in that catagory would get more carry from a 4-wood than from a 3-wood, now that 3-woods only have 15° of loft.
  20. No argument whatsoever with the "so what" part. Published lofts are only published lofts, I fully agree. Nevertheless, some of us are more aware of them than others, and that was the point of my curiosity.
  21. Do you know the published loft of every club in your bag? I've know mine for the past couple of decades or so. I could get along with no club numbers stamped on the clubs at all. Please understand that this is not intended to stir controversy in any way, shape, or form I'm just curious as to how may MGS members pay attention to this stuff. (Although there is only 1° diffrence between my 9-wood and 6-iron, they are indeed gapped almost a full club apart distancewise.)
  22. Because i don't like wearing a glove, only wrap-type grips made of simulated leather feel good to me. I like the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G, and except for the similar Winn Excel presently on my lob wedge, that's all that goes on my non-putter clubs.
  23. Just before the turn of the millennium, Spalding made some awesome high loft fairway woods called the Top Flight Intimidator 400. Lee Trevino actually provided input into their design and actually played them. You couldn't get custom shafts, however, because they used .400" tip shafts made by the famous fishing rod manufacturer, Fenwick. Apparently the wide tip was important because it was incorporated into the model name. You could get a "strong three" at 13° or a standard three at 16°. I didn't like either and got a 17° Clevlend QuadPro instead. Reason in a minute. However, the five at 21º, the seven at 25º, and the nine at a whopping 29°--one degree more lofted than a Ginty!-- were awesome clubs that, with new grips, still find their way into my bag today. They can dig the ball out of divots, out of rough, and they hop trees as if they weren't even there. Their ball descent angle is so steep that they make the coolest ball marks you've ever seen. That's why you don't choose one for your longest, Hail Mary fairway wood, although somebody who can hit a thirteen off the deck told me that the thirteen is a cannon. Anyway, if you can find one, it'll probably cost fifteen bucks now. (And they have titanium bodies for some reason.) It's a nice looking club with approvals from Lee (that means something) and Sal (that doesn't).
  24. I love the low bounce 60° for greenside finesse shots but it goes nowhere on full swings. If you hit it harder, it just goes higher, not further. With so little bounce, you can't play it back in your stance to hood the loft, because it could dig in. In the end, the 58° is the more versatile wedge for me. I still want the minimal bounce for finesse shots, however. With the SM8 and SM9 versions, Titleist eliminated the L Grind 58-04. It was my favorite wedge since the zero bounce 58 that Cleveland featured decades ago in their 691 line, well hidden behind the iconic 588 models that I'm sure you remember. Well, there's a company in Arizona called The Iron Factory. (That's in our actor-friend's part of the world, I believe.) They will strip and rechrome your old wedge. They will repaint the stampings and fill in any you don't like. They will swingweight the clubhead to go with your new shaft and grip. They will obviously get the loft and lie angles precise. Then they will machine cover-shredding, non-conforming box grooves for aggressive spin if that's what you want. (That's what I want.) And it will all cost more than a brand new wedge, so you better know what you want. They're doing my SM6 58-04 right now. But if I discover that I absolutely NEED a new sixty, which I doubt, the 60-04 is still in the SM9 line. Just the 58-04 is missing.
  25. I didn't have a dog in the fight, so I mostly slept through what seems to have been a pretty good game. Really enjoyed seeing the Meadow / AJ Soprano ad, however. Loved that show.
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