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  1. Thank you this helps a lot.
  2. Those look like ping golf balls.
  3. Hello there. I found these a few weeks ago and thought I might share them since some I need help identifying and others I just thought were incredibly cool. The first one (the orange one) I need help identifying, it is has no other markings other than what looks like two T's, one white and one orange. The second two (the yellow ones) I just thought were really cool considering my favourite animal is a (polar) bear, if anyone could advise me where to buy more of those that would be great since these two are by far my favourites out of everything I ever found. The last one is the most interesting out of everything I found (the white one). It has a car of some kind of on it, with 'Team Saab' written underneath. This ball is a Dunlop DDH Marathon 1 ball, with a random 1 on another side of the ball. I tried looking for this and what I found is that Saab is either golf or car related? Not sure. I found no eBay results for this either but I might have been looking too specifically. Either way I thought this was really interesting and I hope maybe to hear some other opions on these and what you all think. I attached pictures of all of these below.
  4. Sorry I only just saw this. Thank you. That gives me a figure to work with.
  5. As is perhaps kind of obvious given the fact that I only pop up here a few times every so often, I only come when I find something interesting while out in the bushes or when I have a question. I have several questions today. My first one is a general statement more than a question, but to the person I will most likely never meet, and who will for sure never see this, I would like to say thank you for making my day on Thursday with a shot that you probably took many years ago, and which I assume was an accident. Being completely obsessed with bears and having found a yellow ball with a little bear on it, well that was just amazing, so thank you person I will never meet. Now for the actual questions. I would like to start my own small business sometime soon, and the only way I can currently see of making any money towards that is selling found golf balls, one, how should I distinguish which ones are worth more than others, and two, what price would be deemed reasonable for however many balls? And just a last quick question, what kind of animal would hoard golf balls in the ground? I went out Thursday to an area I have been to many times before, and must have found about twenty or so balls all roughly in a five to ten foot radius, all buried in a quite large mound of dirt. I went back yesterday to this same place, and in that one five to ten foot radius at diffrent levels in the soil, I pulled out one hundred and fourteen balls, all equally filthy, and some covered in clay (Clay is a pain to get off balls, cannot recommend). I only got half way through digging when my alarm to go home went off which was annoying. I suspect that through the rest of the area would be the same, and I intend to go back very soon to test that theory. So to summarise, what kind of animal hoards balls completely unharmed in a very close radius, in incredibly large numbers, and if not an animal, how is this possible? I found at least one ball dated 2002 by a captain, and the course shut five years ago in March, so these balls have been sitting for a very long time completely covered in dirt and not at all obvious from an outside perspective. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, since as much as I love to have found this, it seems qeird they were in such an insane amount.
  6. I see, thank you all.
  7. So in other words this ball is likely just used for show and probably not something they would actually use in the competition?
  8. So last Thursday I went out on the old golf course near where I live and went back through some of the places I searched many a time before, and unlike the four hundred or so balls I found over the last few years this one seems like something special. I showed it to a seasoned golfer and he said if he had one he would never use it, and that it was something to do with a competition that occurs in different places every year in the UK. For reference, this is pretty much what it has on it, and I found a link for the competition website, but none of what I see is what I found. The ball itself is a Titleist 3, NXT TOUR ball. If anyone could tell me a bit more about this, or even a rough value if it has one that would be very much appreciated. England Golf Captains - England Golf
  9. Okay, so, new member here. I was out at a golf course today, when my friend found a black golf ball, red text, 'W' insignia, number 8, brand 'Wheelhouse'... At least I think. Google has nothing obvious, Amazon has nothing, eBay also nothing. Were I able to send a picture I would, but sadly I showed an uncle and he took it thinking I was giving him it. Need to get that back. In the meantime, has anyone heard of this brand?
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