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  1. Well I guess I'm not sure what I was expecting. The fitting was fine I think I am just 2nd guessing my irons because there really wasn't a huge difference in my 20 year old pings and the new 0211 that I bought, according to the numbers on the trackman. I think I just need to get out and play them on the course and see how they feel and work. I am not a good ball striker so there is going to be a learning curve but at $700 for the set I guess I really don't care. If I don't like them I can always sell them for a couple hundred less.
  2. Okay so just have about an hour in a half fitting done at the PXG store. Meh. I guess I was not sure what to expect but it was okay and much better then the last Titleist Thursday fitting I had years back. I ended up buying the 0211 irons but still really do not know how I feel about them. I also bought the Gen 4 woods in 3,5,7, I hit the Hybrid like crap. Super reasonable price right now so I figured it would be worth a go. I went in thinking Gen 4 irons or maybe Gen 3 but really hit the cheaper ones the best. I think I am still going to hit up the local pro shop and have them fit me for some other irons just to see if I hit something better. My guess is that lessons and practice is going to help more though. I feel like you really need to spend sometime hitting and can't be rushed to try stuff. My fitter did not rush me but I was on my own time limit but still got to hit some different shafts and play around.
  3. I'm in auto sales so my schedule is not conducive to league play but I have thought about it before.
  4. Just ordered some Snell golf balls after watching a Q&A with the owner on Youtube. Love it, I like people that run companies like this guy does. I also called in this morning to ask a question about my order and after one ring, connected with a lady that works there and she was very pleasant. The fact I didn't have to press a bunch of numbers and listen to a pre recorded msg and then wait to try to talk to someone was awesome.. Now I just hope I love them so I can buy more.
  5. I figure anyone from Northwest Indiana would get the NWI. Anyhow just getting back into golf after some years off.
  6. So I ordered 5 doz Vice Pro Zero balls which were only about $23 each and $6.99 for shipping which I thought was great. I guess we will see how they play. I really like the Divide balls but too for a little color.
  7. Yes I have tried to do the ball fitting online. In fact I am doing the Vice right now. I just don't know how fast I swing either but next week I have a fitting so hopefully I will have a better idea then on that.
  8. Okay so I am not a great player lets say around 100 on avg. A lot of that is 3 putts but.. I have been buying and testing all kinds of golf balls to see what works best for me and my bougie self can't seem to get away from big name golf balls with the urethane cover. Is this hurting my game vs just buying cheaper balls with lower spin? I guess the only reason I look at the urethane covered ones is because I read somewhere they stop better on the greens because of more spin. I wanted to order some Vice golf balls but was not sure which ones would benefit me the most. I guess maybe I am over thinking the golf balls. I was really trying to find one and just stick to it so I could play better but maybe it doesn't matter given my skill level.
  9. So my fitting is next week and I am getting excited about it, but... Am I doing myself a disservice by only going to PXG for a fitting vs going to say Club Champion or just a local golf shop to get fitted and hit multiple brands? Cost aside because I don't mind spending money.
  10. I’m thinking I will not Get the whole bag but definitely some iron some fairway woods and I’m torn on the driver
  11. No that’s perfect. I’m in sales too so I would go that route.
  12. Okay so just getting back into golf after about 4 years off. I hit the ball pretty good and would say on avg I’m putting for par or bogey. Now because I suck at putting my avg score is high 90’s low 100’s. I’m currently just playing some ping i3 resale irons and the new ping driver and spider putter. I already signed up for a putter fitting with club champion. But just signed up for a full bag sitting with PXG after learning they’ve lowered the price is a little bit. I’ll be getting it done at the Chicago store. I guess one of my questions is will they give you all the info on what to order online later if I do not buy that day? My putter fitting is a week after that and I still want to try to hit the ping g425 irons although by everything I’ve heard the PXG‘s are going to be superior feeling.
  13. Yep that sounds like the same guy I had. LOL. I am just going to have my local coach do the fitting, she is giving me the lessons anyway and Ping gave her top 100 fitters a few years back so I guess that is good.
  14. Yeah the Titleist fitting was a flop for sure. If I recall correctly it I was one of the last ones that day and the guy was just tried I’m sure or just having a bad day.
  15. I tested a bunch of brands and options this year so far. I’m not a great player but I feel like I should pick one ball and stick with it. My buddy plays whatever he has or what’s on sale. I think that’s fine if you want to but kind of like playing a new club every swing. I’ve thus far settled on the Srixon divide. I really enjoy the 2 color choice options and could always switch to plain white if I wanted too. Also not expensive
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