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  1. thanks for replies. On the fairway I hit down on it probably a couple degrees so I will try to tee it up = to my front left eye which would be slightly forward and hitting slightly down and then flush and see what works better
  2. On par 3 tee shots with mid hybrids-iron like say a 5 I think have been teeing it up I guess too high and trying to hit up on it a little like a driver thinking that would help my very weak distance. . Should I have a slightly downward strike or dead even angle of attack or slightly up and what ball position. I am a senior mid-high handicapper. Thanks
  3. thanks for replies. They say hybrids are easier to hit for the mid-high handicapper and can get more loft. Like a few of you said I would probably struggle with a low iron. I struggle with the ball position forward of center. Will have more questions and start a new topic sometime on something else but if any of you have any sayings about compressing the ball please let me know . Like for example hitting a long distance out of a fairway bunker "Stand tall top of the ball" that works. Or Gary player in a greenside bunker "light a match" I need one like that for compression on the fairway.
  4. thanks for replies but I do not have any irons lower than a 6 just hybrid 3 4 5 and 3 wood . still looking for answer to my question on how many degrees I should hit hybrid down or sweep like a wood. I am a mid-high handicapper and having trouble getting good loft on anything under a 7. Thanks
  5. I am new to forum. Ive been playing golf for 6 years and have watched to ton of the golf channel academy plus have googled golf instruction big time. For the most part the techniques have NOT been contradictory except -Hitting a Hybrid about half say you should not hit down like a iron but sweep like a wood. The other half say hit down like a iron one even says 3.5 negative degrees. What do you all think. My mid to long fairway is the worst part of my game for sure.
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