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  1. I'm just so happy to see everyone out there playing and posting about their rounds. Let the mind games begin! Thanks for the ammo everyone.
  2. Well........ did you at least buy one?
  3. I'm sure you band of brothers will do all you can to retrieve mine! In other words no forgiveness.
  4. Yellow Ball has been following @Jerry B and his son Owen around a bit. They are new to the game and I really won’t pick on them much. Well for now anyway. But for anyone following along in his posts you can see that in Jerry’s own words they have a problem lately with “playing like garbage”. I will give them credit they are getting out there regardless of the weather conditions, such as being cold, wet, windy, and even some snow on the ground. Jerry even forgot his golf shoes and carried on like a true hard core golfer one round. Bet he won’t do that again! Jerry’s already in on the birdie juice train. Note to Jerry, the better you get, the more juice you could have. At least now I gave you a goal. With yearly memberships in hand this dynamic duo is hitting the links with a passion to improve. So in my own special way I think it is time for me to jump in and help. At my own expense I arranged a special pick up at Jerry’s place to help him and his son with their game. I had someone take out the garbage for them. So with the weather starting to improve so should your games. Welcome to the MGS Forum and the wonderful, painful, stress inducing, challenging, game of golf.
  5. Just waiting for all the northern guys to start filling up the how did you play thread. So much fun to pick on as they come out of hibernation.
  6. Your welcome, a white one would have been in the water.
  7. For even mentioning such a thing could indeed cause bad karma to come back at any time.
  8. You played the Windmill! Did the 18th hole have a clowns mouth too. 34 putts for mini golf is a little high.
  9. Okay, It was still a nice shot. Looked like the correct color in the photo. At least now you know better. Yellow would have went in.
  10. Great shot. So happy to see you playing the correct color ball.
  11. Doesn't everyone have to wash their balls? Clean balls lead to better performance!
  12. Don't worry brotha, I got your back. I'll help you put those mail boxes back up. I earned my orange jump suit many years ago while hanging out with my buddies Jack Daniels and Captain Morgan. Look it still fits!
  13. No, but turn me around and I'll be mooning!
  14. Yellow Ball has, well, you know a rather round body type. The Weight Watchers comment had me rolling.
  15. Looks like someone let one of the M&M guys out of the bag! Back in the bag buddy, back in the bag.
  16. Sure glad you used white balls in the photo. Yellow would have meant you were pretty backed up with beer and it was time to drain the main!
  17. When you mess with the bull you get the horns! Bear with me on this. @RichL85 had a kind of rough day. I’m not going into details but just take it for what it was. He played like crap. The very next day he switched over to a Yellow Ball. His irons were better except for maybe a few chips and putts that could have been sharper. Then hits a marvelous shot into the green on number #11 which was a par 3 to within 2 feet and makes the putt. Then he writes in his post and I quote, “I’m not sure if this guy is related to @Yellow Ball but those things cooperated much better than the balls I used yesterday” Nice Bird on #11 by the way! Well I’m glad the yellow balls worked out for you. There has been a trend recently that quite a few in the MGS community have been switching over. I’m just a trend setter I guess! So here is where the bull gets the horns. Ole @Shapotomous chimes in and states “@Yellow Ball and “cooperation” are not used in the same sentence! So here it comes, his very next post. “I. Played. Horribly. I don’t know where my swing went yesterday.” He couldn’t judge the wind. Played army golf, Left, Right, L, R. then on to Short, Long, S, L and a combination of the two. It actually put a smile on my face knowing that karma is still alive and well. So you pick on a little YB who winds up giving you the horns. Next time be nice. Believe it or not there are plenty of people who just love playing with Yellow Balls! Sometimes I don't mind playing with them either!
  18. Hey, I made the Ohio get-together. Why........ Because I was invited.
  19. Where do you think your stash of YB's came from. And no I don't need a blue pill. I still have a stiff shaft in my driver and 12 degrees of loft.
  20. Well, the winters are pretty long. If I spent my winters in Florida I would only get smacked around more. What would you rather be doing?
  21. We got a couple of firsts today. 1) Normally I wait until the weekend to fire up the grill and roast someone. But I am so antsy to get the season rolling. 2) I think it's time to break my own rules and pick on some new spy's. This some how reminds me of a song from The Clash. "Should I stay or should I go" Let's see if they can take it! I decided to get a jump start on the golf season and took a short trip down to TX. After a less than stellar drive I found myself in the woods “oh there’s a surprise”. This guy playing me just isn’t the way I want to start my season. I took out my binoculars to scout out another spy and low and behold I see @Larryw playing the Maxfli Tour balls heading my way. He’s a single digit guy so I thought I would tag along and watch the action from a distance. Why get beat up this early in the season, right? You know, usually I try not to roast the new guys around the forum. BUT, I decided to share the love and make as many people welcome as possible. We got a new crop of spy’s and I really wanted to welcome them aboard in my own special way. After a less than stellar shot, Larry's ball found the woods so I high tailed it over there to catch up on some gossip from Maxi. Seems like Larry played Maxi for a few rounds already and Maxi wasn’t quite feeling himself, and was thinking about retirement. So he told me he has been in the woods a few times over the past four rounds and hit a couple of cart paths. I was kind of thinking that’s how he got the road rash on his butt. But then he tells me he was hit into a tree trunk from 40 yards away with a 1 iron. I said "excuse me, did I hear you say a 1 iron!" Well that explains everything! Everyone knows even God can't hit a 1 iron, and this was just another example that mere mortals should leave it at the house. I tried to clean Maxi off as best I could before Larry got to him but I noticed he lost some of his luster. So I wished Maxi good luck on the rest of his round and to enjoy his retirement. I did give him the number of my refurbisher.
  22. Yellow Ball

    Maxfli Tour

    And I though I was everyone's favorite (name and personality). I'm keeping my eye on you this season!
  23. It's been a tough winter and I'm going stir crazy. I need to get out on the course. It is becoming dangerous around the house! I have a terrible feeling that someone might think I'm a meat ball or something! Ok I'm pleading..... Please get out and play and take me with you! Warning! The below image might be disturbing to young children or other Yellow Balls. This thing has evil in its eyes. I know they have 9 lives but I don't know how many I have left. You guys took a bunch away from me last season! Hint Hint, play well this season.
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