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  1. Hey all, Have been thinking of getting a trolley and whilst the big brands are big for a reason, I've been tempted with a Druid EZ but haven't seen too much online regarding their push trolleys: https://www.druids.com/collections/druids-golf-trolleys Anyone have experience with the company and the products themselves? Honest feedback welcome as I want to know if this "direct to consumer" model has any shortcomings. thanks all!
  2. Chalk Powder is a great shout thank you, it's interesting messing around with ball position since I naturally play the ball slightly forward of middle but have told myself that it's not the best practice. Will try this the next time i'm at the range and give it a go!
  3. Haha no worries, thought it was a silly question at first but am thrilled with the responses I've gotten back! Very good point as there are a few range that certainly have firmer mats which replicate more of a baked lie, I find myself doing drills regardless now to make sure I'm not being flattered by the mat bouncy or not!
  4. Good points all, i'm probably letting my irrational fear get the best of me, by the time i wear out my hybrid i probably would have worn out my knee! Also always looking for an excuse to try new stuff hahaha cheers all who responded!
  5. So thought I'd give an update, went to the range after posting here and used this and it did help a lot! My strike was pretty solid, even placed a ball a few inches behind to ensure I was coming in a little steeper. Played a local course on Sunday and it was the best game I've ever had! Have only played that courses once before a few months back and I shot 140+... Come this sunday and I shot 100! It did help that my driving was decent but my iron/wedge game was so much better just focusing on striking through the ball. would 100% recommend this drill for anyone struggling with the same problems as me. Picturing that spot in front of the ball and striking/swinging through it has helped me tremendously. thank you all!
  6. Hey all, Thanking everyone for helping me out with my prior issues in my previous post, went out that weekend shot my lowest score taking off 38 shots off my prior! something must be working My question for you all this time is whether or not buying a spare club is worth it or not.. Loving a club is natural when you get on with it so well so I've been contemplating buying another hybrid that I'm in love with, in fear of anything happening to the one I currently own. It's a D350 5 Hybrid that is such a sweet option off of the tee for me. Is this a waste of money or is this smart thinking? Interested to hear what everyone thinks and whether or not you do it yourself! I know it's somewhat common for wedges since grooves wear out as well as irons but I'm intrigued to see if it's commonplace with hybrids/woods too.
  7. Oh god I did this in my last range session and I've been muttering "early release" in my sleep ever since... trying to try and keep that club held off now and it seems to have ruined everything hahaha
  8. I've found my best consistency with my 5 Hybrid (that gaps with from my 5 iron to my u510) with placing it in just slightly forward of my stance and approaching it like an iron. The only time I ever feel the sensation of "sweeping" the club is hitting it off of the tee. If I'm in two minds about hitting the hybrid and I end up topping it, I tend to fix this by moving the ball back in my stance as it shows I'm releasing way too early and trying to sweep it too much. Try hitting the ball in the middle of your stance with your hybrid the next time you're at the range and work your way forward to find the best position for you!
  9. Hi Guys & Girls, Just wanted to ask everyone's opinion on where they have had the best luck in selling their clubs? I have accumulated quite the collection of random sets (Incl. a set of BeCu Ping Eye 2's which will not be going ) and I think it's time to get rid of a few clubs that won't ever be put in the bag. Have you had better luck using your local golf shops/pro's to perhaps trade clubs in/sell or is going to a site like https://www.thegolffactory.co.uk/pre-owned or GolfBidder the call? I have seen a few of my friends sell on Marketplace but my only experience with selling on Facebook has been met with most people just trying to lowball you. Not sure what the best option is at the moment as I'm not too fussed on making all of my money back, just getting decent coin for what I paid! There's two sets of irons, a few woods and a few driving irons that would be worth something so just trying to look at somewhere that's going to offer a decent price. I have visited my local American Golf but they are more focused on trading in clubs for credit on a new set but I'm pretty happy with what's in the bag at the moment. Let me know your thoughts on this and if any of you have a go-to, especially in the UK! Happy Golfing!
  10. Ahh great tip! Would you recommend any tips with this this sort of drill on top of a mat to avoid introducing a attack angle that is too steep? I can imagine myself really focusing on swinging the ball behind the ball but coming in way too top heavy and introducing shots that would be fat off of grass
  11. That's a huge one for me, especially right now as I'm trying to focus in on hitting the ball first and taking that divot after! 100%, I think the more I chat to you guys the more I realise it may be time for a lesson or two to iron things out! Always good to affirm what's right and what's wrong I guess, thank you for the informative response!
  12. Thank you for your response! I think a lesson from a coach/pro will help massively as I've been self taught up till now to be honest. As another poster eluded, I think I'm definitely off when it comes to striking the ball first and just feeling that interaction when hitting. I think as a newer golfer my feeling is definitely off too since I've only really noticed shots either too heel-y or hitting off of the toe. A black line on the back of my balls has helped a lot recently with that so I feel like I'm getting that intuitive feeling but I think a few lessons will help with that!
  13. It's a big problem over in the UK! I would say our ranges on average are like 95% mats unless you're a member at a fancier club that has a grass range! I pop down to my local par 3/pitch and putt but it never feels the same as a range session as I'm trying to get that methodical practice in
  14. Hi MGS guys and girls, First proper post on the forum so go easy on me! Thought I'd open up with something that's been on my mind for a while... Has anyone struggled with hitting decent shots on turf? It sounds stupid but I feel like I can hit fairly pure shots when hitting off of a range mat but when it comes to teeing off with an iron or just hitting a shot from a fairway, I struggle a lot to get the right interaction I want to hit the shot pure. I know that mats will bounce the club up helping you out with any odd strikes but overall I feel like I adapt to this fairly well. Does anyone have any tips or tricks they've picked up over the years? Or is it time for lessons perhaps.. Appreciate any responses!
  15. I've just picked up the game in the past year or so (Lockdown golfer) and I've definitely hit a few ruts recently, for me I focus less so on things I'm trying to implement especially if I've taken some time off! (Even a week tends to throw me off a bit when I get back to it). Slowing down my swing and just stripping everything back to basics has helped me massively! Especially when i'm caught up with 10000 different swing thoughts when things aren't going to plan
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