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  1. Since you are swinging slower with wedge and pitch shots, does it really make a difference if you have stiff or regular shafts in your wedges?
  2. I'm hoping with the new shafts too, my distances will be the same at the worst, but also making my irons more accurate.
  3. From my experience, I also get more yardage out on the course. Usually about 5-10 yard difference.
  4. Thanks for your help. I honestly have no clue about the technology, I just assumed over the years it has improved in the clubs. I have picked up about 5-10 mph in ball speed since I was fitted, so maybe I will just have to get them fitted again once they arrive and see if the loft and lie are still working for me.
  5. Cool, thanks for the insight. I do agree the look of the p790s does give confidence.
  6. Here are my lies and lofts
  7. Yea wasn't the best, I saw a few numbers as I was hitting, but he really didn't explain much or show me, he just kept adjusting things till he saw what he liked, so I'm hoping he helped me out. With the p790s they will be about 3.5-4 degrees different than my M2s because I had them adjusted to 2 degrees weak from their stock loft to help with getting them in the air more. I know more loft will be less distance, but I just thought with the newer technology in the clubs they would go further than my old ones even due to the loft difference and the ball difference I use compared to the fitting.
  8. The fitting was on a simulator which I don't completely trust, but in general the newer clubs and fitted shafts have to go further than old clubs and stock shafts? Right?
  9. I currently have the TM M2 irons with stock shafts (R) and was fitted for the new P790s with the TT Elevate 95 VSS T shafts (S), but on the P790s I am getting an extra 2 degrees of loft so on average it should be about 3.5-4 degrees more loft per club compared to my old M2s. Will there be a difference on distance on my new clubs since the loft is so much more? Also on my new P790s the lie angle will be 2degrees upright and when getting fitted I was hitting a straight to baby draw shot, now I have changed to sometimes hit a cut, will the lie angle still allow me to hit a baby cut or straight shot? Or is the 2degrees upright going to have me hitting a draw for the most of the time?
  10. Is UP on the golf grip just mean you see the word "Golf Pride" when addressing the ball? And DOWN means you won't be able to see "Golf Pride"?
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