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    Golf golf golf! If I have the time (and wife gives the ok) I’m golfing when I can. Big Lightning hockey supporters(proposed after a game…that we lost..) beach is always nice, after a morning round
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  1. Anyone here hit the IZ as well as the BB? Currently waiting on my BB6x, the IZ is great on dispersion, but Im getting to many flares just hanging up
  2. I personally try not to hit off mats anymore, but when I do I practice really picking the ball clean with a shallow swing. I’m pretty steep in my swing so it’s good for me at times. But if the mat is the best option for ranges around you, use CHALK powder from your local hardware store (used for chalk sting lines) and squeeze a line behind your ball perpendicular to your target line. It’s a lot like laying the towel down but you can get more feedback. If you can’t keep yourself from hitting the chalk, make the chalk line behind your ball parallel to target line going back about 4inches, you can hit a ball or take a practice swing to see where the club starts to take up chalk. Changing Ball position after can sometimes become the simplest fix. **Make sure to look at the permanent scale of chalk! Use the least permanent (blue is the typical color) easy to wipe off. I also agree proper practice on mats will not hurt anyones swing, and that it’s not the mat causing the problems. I personally don’t practice very well off a mat and therefore practice off grass 75% of the time. I’m very fortunate to live with an abundance of options for practice here in SW FL
  3. If you lose a lot of balls, go cheaper until your swing improves (and helps the wallet). The only thing that will stop me from using other balls is the feeling. I prefer a harder ball, personally I can distance control my wedges better as compared to a softer ball. Vice, Snell, Titleist, Bridgestone, Callaway all have great options at different price points. I Personally use Pro V1X now, used to play Bridgestone e7 and Srixon Ad333. Anyone else ever play the old Nike Red and Black, loved that ball
  4. Had the Evenflow white 65 s on my Ts3 and really loved it, until I started speed training for more clubhead speed. Once I had the consistency of +/- 105mph I could not for the life of me turn the ball over and sometimes even just square the face unless I took out my lower body force. Have switched over to a completely different feel in the Tour AD IZ at the moment. Waiting on a Tour AD BB 6X to compare on course next week hopefully. Even with a very smooth backswing temp the transition was just to much in the end.
  5. Was gifted a lesson pack 2 years ago, after a few lessons, practice and doing little drills I felt confident in my game to fork out the dough required for new equipment. Driver - TSI3 9* tour ad iz 6-x 3W - Ts3 D4 15.75* Px Evenflow white 3H - 818 H1 21* PX Evenflow Blue 4-W - T200 w/modus 3 tour 120 cut 1/2 inch short 1* Flat 54* S , 60* M Vokey SM7 cut 1/2 inch Scotty Cameron Special Select Fastback 33” 20g weights I have a tour ad BB 6X coming next week as the on course play with the IZ has been a bit to high on my misses, although I love the control I have at the moment. Will follow up with how I personally prefer one vs the other and why. Will use Mevo+ to get some specifics out on the range.
  6. Hello all from Sarasota FL, 1. Iv been playing regularly for the past 3 years. On and off starting in high school. I currently hold a 9 handicap down from 14. 2. What isn’t there to love about golf. The design layouts, creativity with shots, never playing the same course the same way, walking in peace and quiet just the sounds of nature. Having learned to accept the bad with the good in golf I have not only played better, this has truly become my meditation. 3. I have been diving thru the forum for reviews in equipment and accessories having upgraded my bad over the past year, and my little addiction to all hold gadgets, I trust the people here to be realistic and honest in opinions. 4. I am from Sarasota (Venice) FL, for a walking course it’s the trusted muni Lake Venice, for riding there is an easy rotation of a handful of courses and more newer courses having recently been developed. 5. Best thing is easy, the number of courses to choose from(more needing tlc now). Worst is easy, rates drop but the rain starts for the entire summer tee times need to finish before afternoon showers. 6. Builder - kitchens, baths, remodels 7. The way my name is in tournaments
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