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  1. Hi guys! Thank you so much for all the wonderful replies! It turns out that I managed to borrow a Wilson XLS set with a bag from another friend who just had it lying around. This set seems ok for the time being, while I learn how to properly golf. It has a driver, hybrid, 3 wood, irons and a putter. I have some simulator session booked with the friend who is pushing me to start, and we will take it from there. Over here you need a Green Card in order to golf, of which I've completed the theory already. The remaining part is the practical playing session, to get an initial handicap. I can already see that this coming winter will be spent honing skills on a future putting mat and possibly some chipping in the backyard. Youtube has more than enough drills. As soon as next season rolls around, I will be booking a couple lessons with a pro as well as getting a membership to a club. Again, thank you so much for all your help, and I'm excited to be around the forums more once I can contribute
  2. Thanks a lot for the input @Kenny Band @RickyBobby_PR! I really do appreciate it a lot! I am considering the Zings due to the price. I've also come across a guy selling a set of Callaway X-Series N415 5-P+ a WIlson Putter for about 140 bucks. All in a simple bag. That's temping as well, but I don't know about that N415 set, looks like it's some kind of "value" offering that Callaway is pushing. Wonder if it'd be worth it compared to the storied Pings? Oh, and good to know about the driver not being necessary for now. I'll go hunt for a hybrid and a FW wood once I get some irons sorted! Thanks again guys! /Fin
  3. Hi there! A colleague of mine keeps tempting me more and more to start golfing, so here I am. These past few weeks I've been reading up on tons of stuff and watching youtube videos on golf, which I'd never have thought I would ever do. Obviously, I've also been scouring the local used markets and thrift stores for clubs, as I don't want to spend too much before even knowing what kind of clubs I like to play with. My question is if it's worth looking at older used sets of irons, like the Ping Zing 2, for example. I have been offered a nice looking 2-9 black dot set for about 30 bucks, but I have no idea if these sort of older clubs from like 20 years ago would be frustratingly hard to hit and I'd just end up buying something else anyway. It seems that the Zing 2s are sort of forgiving by design though, unlike other old clubs I've seen around here such as MacGregors or Karsten 1s. I live in Europe, so I am firstly trying local used gear before checking out Ebay as shipping and possibly customs fees can be pretty killing. I'd appreciate some guidance on if it's worth pursuing older sets of clubs or whether I should just stick to newer ones in the beginning as I have no actual golfing experience. Well, mini golf is another story of course. Thanks in advance! /Fin
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