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  1. I was fitted for 5 thru U wedge PING G425 irons by my PGA Club Pro on Sept. 1 and he called in the order that afternoon. He was told to expect 8 weeks till delivery. Fast forward to the present, and I'm 2 days away from 4 months and still no irons. My club pro called PING last week and they told him to look for delivery by mid-January. I don't have any confidence in any time frame they give out anymore. I'm not happy but there's nothing I can do but wait. Keeping my fingers crossed and still hitting my old rusty irons.
  2. Well, this will be my last post regarding my custom PING irons that I ordered on Sept. 1. The PGA pro at our club called PING a few days ago and they are telling him that the new target date for delivery is now mid January. I've worried and waited in anticipation long enough. Next time I post, I will have the irons in my bag be it mid January or when ever.
  3. It has been 11 weeks since I ordered my PING G425 irons, 5 through U wedge. Has anyone out there actually received their custom ordered PING G425 irons recently? Does anyone know how long new custom orders are taking. Originally PING was telling customers 8 weeks? Any updates would be appreciated.
  4. I thought that I would offer and update on my order. I ordered G425 Driver, 3-wood and 5 thru U wedge G425 irons on September 1st. I received the woods in about 30 days and I love them. Tomorrow will be 8 weeks since ordering and I have a text into my golf pro that also fitted me and placed the order. He has been trying to track the progress of my clubs and he still thinks the 8 week time frame is a possibility. Meanwhile, I'm still using my well used Taylor Made irons and dreaming of my PINGs. When I hear back from my Pro, I'll share the news. Hopefully it won't be too much longer. Eat a peach!
  5. I bought and have been using the Gold Flex Tempo Trainer for about 2 months.. Its a great tool for increasing swing speed and just loosening up before a round. And it's fun and can be used just about anywhere.
  6. I ordered PING G425 irons 7 weeks ago and still waiting. The older I get. the more impatient I am. Anyway, this is my current bag of bats. Driver: PING G425 LST 3-Wood : PING G425 LST Hybrids (3 &4): Cobra Irons: 5 thru PW - Taylor Made Sand Wedge & Gap Wedge: Cobra Putter: PING Sigma 2 Hopefully in a week or two (or whenever they arrive) I'll edit this to reflect PING irons and wedges. Currently, 3 brands in my bag!
  7. It will be 5 weeks tomorrow since ordering the G425 irons on September 1. They originally told my PGA Club Pro & fitter to expect 8 weeks for delivery. I'm fortunate that my Pro has played PINGS for 30+ years and sends PING a lot of business. They are now telling him the 8 weeks is date is still good which would be late October. For what it's worth.
  8. Well to my surprise, I received my PING G425 driver and 3-wood today on October 1st after ordering on September 1st. Still waiting on the 5 thru U G425 irons but feeling better about the whole situation.
  9. After an 8 year layoff from golf due to business obligations, I re-joined my country club and decided to upgrade my old sticks. On 9/1/21, my PGA pro fitted me and I ordered 5-U G425 irons, G425 MAX Driver & 3 wood and a PING Hoofer bag. I was told 8 weeks for delivery by the Pro and the last 3 weeks have seemed like 3 months. I guess I just want to ****** a little, but If delivery is anywhere near 8 weeks, I'll consider myself lucky. Meanwhile I'm still hitting Taylor Made irons, a Cobra driver, TM tour burner 3 wood, hybrids and wedges and a PING putter that I will be sticking with. All of my current equipment is between 10 and 15 years old. Bottom line is that I don't have much confidence that I'll get what I ordered in 8 week, COVID still sucks!
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