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  1. thanks for the reply ,yes i am getting lots of over pull draws , I know it is a swing issue more than the head working on my path at moment ,I am thinking of going with the SIM 2 MAX , the M4 D is the only driver I have ever owned so its time for a new toy ,I think the SIM 2 MAX will also allow for more tinkering as well. thanks for the help
  2. hello thanks for the reply cnosil you are correct ideally I would get fitted but there is no were within 500 miles to do that here no swing weight scales ,or anything . and yes dlow this is for For the Autoflex specifically, 43 inch total length grip to adapter ,what Taylormade head would you think would be a better fit ? sim max 2 maybe? sorry but I am a new to golf and really new to equipment ,I already spent over 1k getting this shaft I really want to match it up with the best head . Thanks
  3. Hello all, maybe some knowledgeable member can help me out ,I am a newer golfer I live in A resort city in Mexico were I do not have access to any club fitters , My carry is about 200 yards ,I do not know my swing speed ,I purchased the S405 AF ,Total length of the shaft grip to adapter is 43 inches ,that was my old shaft so I went that length hoping to hit the center of the face . Head is a TM M4 DTYPE ,I weighed on a kitchen scale 196 grams . Grip is Gold Pride tour velvet 360 standard size , does anyone have any idea what swing weight that will put me at ?? If not correct recommended swing weight what TM head would be best for my setup ? thanks in advance .
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