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  1. Depends on what you want from your shafts, but you can try KBS Hi Rev 2 for a smooth feeling and high spinning or DG wedge for high spinning but these are stiffer than KBS. Best way to find out is to go to a custom fitting centre.
  2. I'm 5.7 and I tested 4 lengths in my driver (43.5 / 44.5 / 45 / 46) and 2 in my irons (standard and half inch shorter). All what I can tell the only and the most important thing is your swing! I have the same distances with all shafts and the same bullshits with all of them for the driver. I chose one of them just for the feeling. For the irons is the same story! Finally I chose to standard length in all my clubs. I change my grips moving from regular size to midsize so I can grip down the clubs when I need and for a better control. My only advice is to use the same lengths in all your clubs and visit a custom fitting centre for a good adjustment of your clubs. And don't forget to take few lessons before custom fitting, you will understand why, don't worry. Good luck!
  3. From what I played till now I can tell you that in my opinion ball has the same importance as the shaft or grip. Now Bridgestone is on the same level as Titleist in terms of quality and performance and on a lower price. Depends only by the player which one is suitable or not. ProV1 is very good in distance off the tee and control around the green. For me Bridgestone Tour BXS is similar but with a firm feeling off the tee and around the green. Tour BX & BRX are one off the hardest ball I've ever hit amongst the Pro V1X. There feeling are extremely firm and you should have more than 110 mph swing speed to benefits the maximum potential from these balls. Indeed Bridgestone has a higher resistance and if you don't visit bunkers to often you can play even 2 rounds with one ball. I'm not tried yet RXS but if Fred Couples played this one then this is my next on the list. Bridgestone is one of the best choices right now because of the lower price comparison with the other competitors on Premium range. But for me are ones of the firmest balls especially around the green. Very good distance off the tee, for me the longest and to keep them in play I decided to switch my wedges from Cleveland RTX to new Mizuno T22. Till they will be delivered I discovered another awesome ball Honma TW-X which are firm from tee with very good distance and soft around the green with high spin and all of this on an amazing low price. The only difference is given by the resistance on the bunkers where Honma is not so resistance to scuffs if you visit bunkers often. Otherwise I can play one round with Honma but only one. I also tried Titleist Tour Speed and I think it will be very difficult for me to decided between Bridgestone BXS and Tour Speed from Titleist. Probably I will chose Titleist cause at the same price and same distance is a little bit softer than Bridgestone.
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