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  1. So I’ve been using the device daily (I am able to practice in my backyard on top of trips to the range). Here’s what I can share with you after about 10 days of consistent use. My swing is changing, for the better. Most noticeably my tempo on the backswing has slowed down. This isn’t because I’m using the tempo training. I’m using the transition training to work on correcting my over the top. I’ve had to slow down to avoid the zap. When I started, my benchmark was a positive number (over the top). I’ve improved that so much that now I have the learning stimuli kick in when I’m -.01 so even when I’m corrected, I’m still not over the top. This has resulted in smaller misses. Judging from my scores and ball flights this weekend it has transferred to the course as well. Another way to look at it is the picture I put of my last session. I took 36 swings. 30 were on plane or under. Never before when I practiced would I get so many good swings. So, this is helping me practice correctly and that, I believe, is speeding up my progress. Someone asked if it has a video app. No but it does announce the metric you’re working on. What I do is open the app and get training going then open my camera app. I record my swings normally and it still announces the metric and zaps if I missed. So no it doesn’t have a camera app but you can use your camera app and the DeWiz app at the same time. At least this works for me on iPhone. TL;DR my swing is improving. I’ll report back again in a few weeks. Sharing my numbers below
  2. Setup is pretty easy. They do a good job with onboarding emails ahead of device delivery. I’ve only tested it out for transition. Here’s what I can tell you: The number tells you If you were above or below the point where you stopped your backswing when you start your downswing. You set a parameter. If you go outside that parameter, the buzz is instant. This is useful for me because it’s helping me associate the feel with the outcome. Without it, I know that I went over the top but I don’t know how I got there. With this, I’m told the exact moment I do that move. I’ve only been using it a few days but I’m finding it better feedback than anything else I have (alignment stick, launch monitor, etc). When I watch back my video of my swings, more of them are on or below plane now than which would suggest it’s helping me practice correctly That said, you can “game” it by taking an outside and up backswing to ensure that you’re below that plane on the downswing. So I’ve put a lot of effort into making sure my backswing is on plane because I don’t want to game it. I want to know that I’m not over the top. What others have said about club face etc are true. This won’t tell you if you made a good swing, it will tell you if you stayed within your parameters for the thing you are measuring. For me, that’s enough. I hope they continue to add features but I’m pretty happy with it as is. As far as the shocks go, there are 5 levels. I find level 3 is enough to alert me to the swing fault and motivating enough to tell my brain to try to avoid it by staying below. It doesn’t hurt it does give me a start though.
  3. Mine came in today. I got to play around with it for a bit. First reaction: I’ll be keeping it. Already starting to get a better feel for what’s on plane. I’ll use it a lot over the next thirty days and report back.
  4. It has a 30 day return policy, no questions asked. With this I’m hopeful that I won’t waste swings practicing the wrong thing, not that it will correct it but help me identify it. As it stands I have to go to video and I’m too lazy to do that after every shot, every 10 shots even. So what happens? I think I have it right and I’m not bumping into any training aids, falsely making me think I have it right, only to watch the video and see nope, don’t have it right. Just spent half hour practicing the wrong move, for the 100th time. I’ll try it for 30 days. If it doesn’t prove useful (make my practice more efficient) I’ll send it back.
  5. I just ordered one since my R10 pre-order got pushed back to next year. I’ll come back with updates. I’m hoping to use it to stop a slight over the top. If it helps me with that, it will be worth it.
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